It all started in the 1980s — well, it started in the 1960s with Thunderbirds and Lost In Space if you want to get technical — but it all came to a head this month when the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority gave the go-ahead to a test flight of Glenn Martin’s brainchild, the Martin Jetpack P12.

In addition to being a beauty to look at, this thing can go as high up as 5,000 feet, and it features a parachute in case the thing craps out on you. (See, no worries.) described it as like having two enormous leaf blowers welded together. The entire package is navigable by small joysticks. Martin Aircraft expects to have this 30-years-in-the-making item in production for 2014 with a consumer model planned for 2015. While we’re quoting $150k, that’s the low end of the price range, and when all is said and done, it could go as high as a quarter of a mill. Would still be awesome to play Rocketeer, though. As for the manned flight, that will only be at a 20 feet height (25 above water). If you manage to get one of these, we recommend keeping it at about that level.