Once upon a time, our ancestors went to space carrying a vinyl record hoping to find friendly aliens they can introduce our planet to. They called it the Voyager Interstellar Record.

Now you can also hear what this message is with The Voyager Golden Record and be part of the preservation of human culture for ages. The record contains sounds and images that depict life and humanity on Earth. Sounds include music from different renowned musicians such as  Beethoven and Chuck Berry, music created by percussion and panpipes, and music made by nature—a crying baby, birds, train, and human languages.

The package includes three LPs, sleeves, and a turntable slipmat. You may also get a hardcover book/2 CDs if a record player is not yet in your collection.

To clear things up, by the way, the ancestors going to space happened in 1977 when NASA launched Voyager 1 and 2.

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