LG LZ9700: 72-inch LED 3D TV

By Brandon Stanfill on January 4, 2011

In the ongoing blurring of the lines between movie theater and home television, LG has thrown the LZ9700 into the arena. This 72-inch beast is currently the largest 3D enabled television on the market. LG is currently keeping a lot of the details under their hats, but some of the details have already been discovered.

Alongside producing images in both 2D and 3D, the LZ9700 also has a 240hz refresh rate, 1920×1080 resolution, local LED dimming, USB inputs, DLNA compatible, Internet app enabled and LG’s Magic Motion Remote Control. It’s about as close to the movie-going experience you can get without ticket stubs.

Sticky floors and annoying cell phone guy not included.

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