We all have probably wasted hours upon hours trying to send our very active brains to sleep. We probably count all the sheep we could find or read all the books from our mini library, but as we close our eyes, our brain asks, “Do penguins have knees?”

Excruciating, we know, especially if you have to get up early the next day.

So for that, maybe Kokoon headphones can help.

These headphones claim to be the first with EEG sensor. In case you don’t know what an EEG is for, it’s the device that detects your brain’s activity.

Using the information from this sensor, Kokoon headphones can then adjust the noise canceling feature and sound from the headphones.

This is illustrated when the music you are listening to starts to hush as your brain’s electrical activity lessens. It may also heighten its noise cancellation to make sure you are not disturbed by the surrounding sounds.

Lastly, it will send active white noise directly to your ears as you slowly but surely escape to the dreamland.

But you have to take it off because it will hurt, right?


Kokoon headphones are made from cozy materials called the Flexmould Comfort that make sure your ears stay comfortable and cool even after a prolonged period.

Simply put, you can actually have these headphones on the entire time you’re asleep and you won’t have that ear or facial pain when you wake up.

And it’s not only that.

Kokoon headphones partnered with the Japanese home cinema and audio equipment manufacturer, Onkyo, to provide you with high-quality music. Hence, you get the best of both worlds of comfort and HQ audio.

Kokoon headphones were a former Kickstarter project that promised to deliver in 2015. However, according to its Facebook page, there have been some delays in the production but will start its delivery this month.

For more information, check out its page linked below. Also, watch how it works: