Do you live in a coffee table house? Is there not a recliner in sight? You poor thing. Luckily, you can circumvent the madness with KickRest, which takes the hard surface of your room centerpiece and turns it into a soft and cushy experience that is perfect for men and women. The base that your feet will be resting on is made of a nice memory foam, while a detachable fleece drapes over the top encircling you in a world of warmth and relaxation.

We can also see KickRest coming in handy – or is it footsy? – in those office environments where temperature control is left up to the staff polar bear. Now grant it, I’d need something a little harder-edged than the pink, but that’s what the color varieties are for. (And just in case you’re wondering, KickRest comes in blue, green, tan, olive, and maroon as well.)