Jeep Extreme Trail Edition Camper

Jeep Extreme Trail Edition Camper

Feel like roughing it for the weekend in your spiffy new Jeep Wrangler? Well, the new Trail Edition Camper should give you the perfect place to sleep, even in the most remote areas.

These trailers will be official “accessories” offered by Mopar dealerships, so you can take your sleeping quarters off-road when you head out west. They offer a queen size bed with enough room for four people to sleep (somewhat) comfortably, as well as a built-in aluminum cabinet, 110-volt power supply and a pop-up “premium canvas enclosure.”

The Extreme Trail Edition Camper from Jeep should definitely make those family road trips a lot better (unless your mom insists on singing showtunes for 2500 miles. Then we can’t help you).

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