The James Perse Limited Edition ping pong table, from the much-coveted JP Furniture Collection, is much more than it ostensibly seems.

Crafted from environment-friendly solid teak, the Limited Edition Ping Pong Table combines masterful aesthetic with delightfully-useful function. Play a round or two of ping pong, then, discard the cover and net to reveal a beautiful, teak tabletop—great for dining or hosting meetings (tabletop conversion is optional). The grand LE Ping Pong table also touts premium materials like an upholstered, formed drawer, leather-encased net and, of course, lustrous teak wood.

Included are four handmade (who’d have it any other way with such a regal pong table?) paddles and ping pong balls, all wearing James Perse LE insignia. Just make certain you’ve got room for it!