Ever wanted to play the victim in a horror movie, but didn’t want to go through the hours of makeup to get there? Why not just slide on the I’m Fine Bloody T-Shirt instead and get a few laughs while you’re at it for that undeniable gift of understatement? This is some seriously grotesque stuff, folks. The shirt design has a realistic spattering of blood that wraps all the way around to the back, so it looks like a Great White just took a plug out of you.

The shirts are pre-shrunk, heavy weight, and 100 percent cotton. With a variety of different design nuances and styles — it’s even available in men’s / women’s sizes, in tank tops and other makes and models — you get more than 100,000 possibilities from the folks at Bad Idea. You could conceivably have one for every wardrobe, which will come in handy when the zombies run amok.