For those of us who want to go wireless but don’t have enough budget to buy wireless devices, the HomeSpot Dual Stream Bluetooth Audio Transmitter can help you.

This Bluetooth audio transmitter works with all non-Bluetooth enabled device as long as there’s a 3.5mm audio jack, RCA, or TOSLINK ports on your device.

It means you can connect your TV to your wireless headphones via Bluetooth just by simply plugging in the HomeSpot Dual Stream Bluetooth Audio Transmitter. And don’t worry about latency. This transmitter is aptX-enabled, which means latency is minimized.

This transmitter can also hook up to two devices at the same time, so if you’re watching TV with your friend, both of you can use your own Bluetooth headphones with no problem.

Check out what other users have to say about it:

I’m a real customer who bought this device so I could use wireless bluetooth headphones while watching TV and running on the treadmill. For me, the product works as advertised. I use the optical audio out (TOSLINK ?) from a Samsung TV to his Homespot device. I then listen on my bluetooth headphones. There is a tiny, fraction of a second delay between the video and the sound, but it is exceptionally minor. It is definitely not a one second delay for me. More like a 0.3 second delay in audio. I would expect this with nearly any wireless setup and I find this minor delay to actually be better than most wireless audio setups. For me, it does work with the optical audio out.—Amazon Customer

First, the product works great. But i have a TV with no RCA out. No TOSLINK out. Only SPDIF Digital Coax Out. If you’re in the same boat, there’s a converter right here on Amazon. “C2G / Cables To Go 40018 Coaxial to Toslink Optical Digital Audio Converter” – put that in your search bar. That also works great. So my setup is Digital Coax to Converter, TOSLINK to this Bluetooth transmitter. Works great. My onky issue is that i haven’t been able to get 2 sets of headphones to work at once. I can do one at a time but not both. I’ve only had it for a few hours and i ran out of patience so I’m staying with all 5 stars, because I’m sure it’s just something I’m doing wrong.—M. J. Pecoraro

This provided exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately the picture doesn’t tell the story. When I used it with the RCA to 3.5 link shown, I had many problems with hum and static on the signal. It certainly is the easiest unit to pair that I have tried. When I connected it to the TV directly, it provided a great sound for my Bose headset. Going through the RCA connecters through the supplied cable produced a low level of inferior sound. It had enough power to connect and process sound from a position behind the TV, but lost quality when fed through a longer cable.—Kayak Jay

What’s best, for the next 5 days, this device costs only $30 down from $70. You can then go wireless and still have enough money for your stocking stuffers.

Note, however, that HomeSpot Dual Stream Bluetooth Audio Transmitter works only with PCM audio signals. For Dolby AC-3, DTS, or other surround sound signals, it may create static noise.

Find out more in this video: