Hanebrink Electric All-Terrain Bike

Hanebrink Electric All-Terrain Bike

Lance Armstrong’s bike would probably pee itself at the site of the Hanebrink Electric All-Terrain Bike. It’s a rugged beast meant for mountains and trails, not paved roads and suburban streets.

20-inch tires sit within a carbon fiber frame that can haul up to 300 pounds of cargo. The 600-watt motor will propel that cargo at about 20 miles per hour, which is hella-fast – especially when you’re riding along the edge of a cliff.

If you do plan to cruise the dusty roads, make sure you’re within riding distance of a power outlet because the single-battery Hanebrink only runs for an hour on a three hour charge. Luckily, you can load up the rear rack with up to five lithium ion batteries, giving you a run time of over 5 hours and more than 100 miles of riding.

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