Gus Notepad Wallet

By Aric Mitchell on August 21, 2010

Don’t know how many of you guys are still in to taking notes, but the Gus Notepad Wallet is counting on more than a few of you. Personally, I’m more of an electronic notepad kind of guy circa iPhone, but I can also see the value in having a back-up plan. And as back-up plans go, this one is a pretty classy little number.

The Gus Notepad Wallet is lightweight and far from obtrusive. It features five card slots, a “ticket slot,” and a place for your cash along the spine–that is, if you still carry cash. While it’s pretty clear that we all live in a debit card world, there is still a certain degree of satisfaction carrying around monies of the folding kind. Just keep the big bills on the outside (denominations $5 and up).

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