Grilling is awesome. Cleaning your grill sucks. But if you’re gonna churn out perfect steaks, burgers, and chicken thighs, you can’t have all that caked grease from last week’s feast on your grill. You can brush it when you’re done grilling and eating, but who wants to do that when they’re all fat and happy? You can scrape it right before your next sesh, but are you really gonna remember? So, how do you make easier work of cleaning your grill?

The Grillbot, that’s how. It’s like a grill-maid that comes in to do the dirty work when you need it. This automated grill cleaner rolls across your grill using three motors spinning three wire brushes to clear away all the built-up gunk. You just wait for your grill to sufficiently cool, put the Grillbot on it, and press the button once  for 10 minutes of scrubbing, twice for 20 minutes, and three times for a half-hour. A computer chip controls the device’s movement, speed, and brush-direction, an LCD display lets you know your settings, and an alarm tells you when cleaning’s done.

The Grillbot runs on a rechargeable battery, and you can change out the wire brushes for new ones as needed. You can opt for brass brushes if your grill has a protective coating on it and stainless steel ones if there’s no coating. It leaves all types of grills spotless. You can get a Grillbot for $119.95 and never have to labor over cleaning your grill again.