Grill-Top PizzaQue Stone

Grill-Top PizzaQue Stone

Imagine the sensational aroma and taste of fresh, hot pizza from the local pizzeria joint—yum! After all, that’s about the only place you won’t find big industrial ovens: only small, brick ones and friendly service to boot.

The Grill-Top PizzaQue Stone is a nifty little pizza-grilling innovation that—while it may not totally recreate that old-world style charm of that little Italian joint—cooks pizza, bread, calzones, and more using a porous clay slab of ceramic stone. In addition, the PizzaQue Stone comes with a detachable stainless base with temperature gauge built right in. Never over- or under-cook your food again!

Italians know how authentic pizza is done: by hand and by fiery stone for an exceptionally crispy, well-done crust and heavenly aroma. And 9 out of 10 of ’em agree that the Grill-Top PizzaQue Stone—good for use on the grill or in the oven—is something no amateur pizza-maker should be without.

Who’s hungry for some Italiano yet?

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