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GothamSmith Cufflinks

By Michael Bock on May 19, 2011

Classiness never falls out of fashion. And being a well-dressed, well-groomed man is an essential part of the equation.

Hence, these innovative little cufflinks can add a little class (or flair…or charm) to any man’s wardrobe of neatly pressed, crisp dress shirts. Made from powdered steel and bronze, GothamSmith (sounds like something out of a Batman film, right?) cufflinks are available in novel little designs, such as the ‘staches (show above), bicycles, and barrels. They come in a polished stainless steel, bronze, or gold finish and are lovingly made (via tumble polishing and/or electroplating) by the good old robots at Shapeways.

From the blog of the company that manufacturers these subtle, yet chic, accessories:

“Four New Yorkers….[with] shared values on what accessories befit a man”  Touche, gentlemen.

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