If you work a desk job then you’re doing quite the number on your body. In fact, most medical professionals now believe that sitting down for long periods of time can actually be worse for your health than other unhealthy activities like smoking. Ouch! That means that you could be shaving off decades from your total lifespan because your job demands that you work with a computer in front of you.


If you want to reclaim your health and add those years back to the end of your life, then might we suggest investing in a Gaze Desk? For those of you not aware of the Gaze Desk, it’s the World’s Smart Standing Desk. What that means is that it actually uses a dual lift system alongside Bluetooth connectivity in order to help you create the perfect sit-stand workstation — because truth be told, you aren’t actually going to want to be standing for hours on end, either.

More information including pre-order pricing available via the link below.

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