Electric guitars haven’t really changed all that much in the past 50 years. While the last 5 decades have seen the rise of computers, the internet and smartphones, the modern electric guitar probably wouldn’t look all that out of place in the hands of John Lennon or Jimi Hendrix. At the same time, how can the world’s most iconic instrument become any more innovative? Can the best get better?

fusion guitar

The folks who designed the Fusion Guitar think so. Their guitar integrates directly with your iPhone in order to allow you to save your music to the cloud, share your tunes on your favorite social networks, amplify sound directly in its built-in amp, and even learn how to become a better guitarist. That’s right, Fusion Guitar eliminates the need to purchase expensive recording equipment by providing everything you need right in the guitar itself. Now if that ain’t rock n’ roll, we don’t know what is!