Look at the pilot’s face above; notice the immense excitement and bliss that’s seemingly radiating  from it—almost as if it’s exclaiming “FREE as a bird at last!”

The single-occupant FlyNano, officially known as Aero Friedrichshafen FlyNano, is a super lightweight aircraft that’s designed by Finnish engineer and visionary Aki Suokas. Available with either a gas (25 or 35 horsepower) or electric (20kW) engine, the petrol Aero FlyNano can deliver up to 140 kilometers (approximately 43 miles) of nonstop fun: the battery-powered version going up to 40 kilometers, or 25 miles. Oh, and the occupant can be a very husky 440 lbs.

What makes the human-sized FlyNano (at a mere 70kg/154 lbs) so airworthy is the body, made up of nearly 100% composite carbon fiber. The wingspan measures a scant 5 meters and from nose-to-tail it’s barely 3.8m. How high can this baby go? Almost two (2) miles (3km/1.8 miles)! For those counting, that’s 10, 560 feet.

What may come as the biggest shocker is the price: $39,000 USD  or 27,000 Euros—making the Aero FlyNano accessible to even non-millionaires.