Fishing can be a meditative experience or it could be a blast. If you own your own PowerRay Fishfinder, it’ll most likely be more like the former than the latter. You see, the Fishfinder is a new type of waterproof drone that makes searching for your next big catch a thing of the past. Once in the water, it’ll mimic the same types of movements that most fish exhibit, can operate for up to 4 hours, and can dive up to 100 feet underwater. Heck, it also has an integrated fish luring light which’ll be a big help for the next time you’re searching.

If you happen to get a pull on your fishing line, you’ll even be able to watch in real time using the internal Wi-Fi system and 4K UHD camera. You can find out more about the Fishfinder via the link below. Pricing and availability information isn’t publicly available just yet so stay tuned.

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