Who are the real fans and who are the bandwagon-ers? That’s what a new sports social network called FanWagon is hoping to discover, and they’ve got a pretty good system for figuring it out. From day one you can choose to either start a verified account similar to Twitter and Facebook or just be a fan off the grid with a non-verified account.

FanWagon differs by allowing you to switch favorite teams three times a year provided you are able to pass the team-switching test. This test consists of a timed allotment in which you must prove that you know at least 10 things about the team you’re switching to. If you don’t pass then you continue to be a fan of your original team. Also, FanWagon allows you to bet on games and keep a public record of how accurate your predictions are. In other words you get to show your fellow FanWagoners how smart (or stupid) you are with each new sporting event.