Eagle Spyder GT Is An Updated Jaguar E-Type For 2017


Over 30 years of working with Jaguar E-Types has rendered Eagle just about the most qualified company on the planet to build their own. In fact, the company has already done so and is now teasing the Eagle Spyder GT — the company’s fourth such model.

With a body which is a near faithful reproduction of the 1960s classic, they’ve nonetheless managed to throw in a few modern improvements of their own. For example, it is somewhat more sleek and lightweight than the model which its based on, a fact which helps the 330 horsepower 4.7L aluminum V6 engine attain ever greater speeds and acceleration. Furthermore, that very same engine is paired with a manual five speed transmission and linked to the road with thick wire wheels. All in all, the Eagle Spyder GT makes for a fantastic driving experience the likes of which you’ve likely never known. More below.

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