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Derringer Bespoke Collection

By Michael Bock on September 30, 2011

Consider Derringer—courtesy the legendary artist and visionary (All hail his excellency!) Adrian Van Anz—pretty much the Rolls-Royce (and then some) of motorbike production and customization.

Each custom, exquisitely-detailed (or so claims celebrity owners like Hugh Laurie) Derringer comes equipped with a 49cc four-strike powerplant, a moto-hybrid drivetrain, and centifugal clutch mated to a GGB transmission. Additionally, Derringer will totally customize each of their Roarin’-Twenties-style, board-tracking motorbikes. Handlebars, paint scheme, paint type, seat, wheels, and other aspects: All are completely customizable.

Style’s always critical, of course, but a bit more functionality would be nice—such as a 180-mpg fuel tank. O wait, they have that too!

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