Cycleboard’s 450 Watt Silent Electric Motor Lets It Tackle Hills With Ease


Whether you’re an urban commuter or just someone who wants to enjoy the streets on the weekend, the Cycleboard is sure to pique your interest. With an aircraft-grade aluminum frame powered by a 450 watt silent electric hub motor, this bad boy is capable of reaching speeds upwards of 20mph. What’s more, thanks to three extra wide tires and five power mode, traveling uphill, through dirt, sand, and grass is as easy as pie.

Aiding in maneuverability is an innovative lean-to-steer system that will feel natural to anyone who’s already ridden a motorcycle or scooter. The addition of a lean-to-steer system greatly aids both steering and balance for an easy, natural ride. The Cycleboard is available in your choice of carbon grey or phantom black with a variety of deck options. If you’d like to find out more about the tech specs behind the Cycleboard or order your own then make sure you check out the product’s official website by clicking on the green “BUY” link below.

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