Hats off to the guys at ThinkGeek for coming up with this rather unique take on the shot glass. One of the most annoying things about parties is the douche you call a friend, who ends up getting soused and throwing your favorite shot glass across the wall in a fit of unadulterated party animal madness. The irresponsibility of drunk people is truly a sight to behold, and it can really ruin friendships. Enter this quad tray of Cool Shooters Ice Shot Glasses from the knuckleheads we just mentioned.

All you have to do is pour some water into the tray, shove it into a freezer for about 90 minutes and then remove. These chilled shot glasses that are literally made from ice allow you to down a couple of ounces of naughty juice at a time, whether you’re just nabbing a straight shot or living on the edge with a boilermaker. When you’re done, you can set them in the sink and let them melt, or if you really want to get every last drop of liquor, break apart and chow down on the ice. Either way, happy drinking!