Human beings crave control. In fact it’s so deeply ingrained into our psyche that’s it’s defined our species and its history for generations. So why is it that we’ve settled for a siloed solution which doesn’t allow us to control all of our devices at once? No one knows. What we do know is that the folks over at KlikR1 are looking to break the stranglehold that our favorite TV set and set top box manufacturers have over their proprietary controllers.

KlikR is an extremely small and lightweight Bluetooth device that can be placed onto or next to any infrared remote controlled electronic product thanks to a special bonding adhesive. Once in place, it’ll allow you to instantly control your remotes through your smartphone. It really is that easy! Furthermore, it works for controllers that control your smart devices as well, meaning that you’ll feel like you have absolute control over every gadget and gizmo that’s in your home.

Find out more about this fantastic product via the inStash Shop link below.

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