The Hellcat Combat is the World’s fastest Big Block American Twin with a record of 172.211mph set recently on the salts of Bonneville, and it’s fair to say it looks every bit as awesome as it performs.

This beautiful work of art (that’s right, art) features a monstrous V-twin engine that has the ability to push out an impressive 160 horsepower. It has a 5-speed transmission with land speed racer gearing optimized specifically for the Combat, custom WP 48mm front forks, dual Beringer 4-piston brakes, and features an aircraft grade, aluminum unitized case.

Each individual Combat is handcrafted with care “The American Way” – and from the engine right though the hard steel chassis to the wheels and brakes, it just oozes quality.

With only 32 models available at $72,000 a pop they ain’t cheap, but then it’s not every day you get to own a record-breaking piece of history.

This bad boy’s going on the Christmas wish list.