There are so many options to choose from when it comes to purchasing a Bluetooth speaker. Unfortunately, a high portion of companies either spend too much time worrying about the look of their speaker or they spend too much time on the quality and functionality of a speaker. Clear View Audio wanted to create a product that was not only beautiful, but also contained extreme high-quality sound. After researching, experimenting, and designing various concepts for quite some time, Clear View Audio created the Clio.


The Clio is a 2.1 Bluetooth speaker that utilizes Edge Motion technology. Edge Motion technology allows for the Clio to be essentially invisible through the use of a single acrylic glass panel. The effect of sound waves traveling and resonating through this piece of glass allows for panoramic, crystal-clear, and room-filling audio. The Clio is perfect to use for music, television, movies, and video games. In addition to its main Bluetooth connectivity method, the Clio includes a standard auxiliary jack for use with devices that aren’t capable of connecting via Bluetooth. The Clio brings the best of two worlds to your home and entertainment.