Check Out Surfing Legend’s Bob McTavish’s Deus Ex Machina Sherpa Surfboard


Caution, this inStash Post is only for the most dedicated surfers out there! If that sounds like you then you’re probably also the type of person who isn’t going to let a little thing like cold weather get in between them and the big one. Such an extreme dude deserves an extremely good surfboard, one like let’s say, the Deus Ex Machina Sherpa Surfboard.


Designed to be a do-it-all board suited to any conditions out in the ocean, this board is actually the product of an extensive collaboration between surfing legend Bob McTavish and pro Harrison Roach. In terms of design, it mixes elements from many classic boards, such as the addition of a slight nose, a pair of baby side bite fins to allow for added stability in the mid-length, a semi pointed outline, and finally, a subtle diamond-shaped tail.

The end result of all that over-design is a board that can easily generate and carry speed, turn on a dime, and keep you from needing to lug around a full bag of different boards. More below.

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