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Campa All Terrain Trailer

By Aric Mitchell on September 17, 2013

The Campa All Terrain Trailer (or ATT) is a marvel of outdoor efficiency. Traveling with this on the back of your ride may make you never want to go home. Boasting a kitchen area complete with cutlery and crockery sets, a Brinkmann SS stove, pots, spices, and tupperware, you’ll be able to live off the land and eat like a king at the same time.

There’s also plenty of storage capacity, a place where you can grab some shuteye, and a roof extension to stave off the elements. As if that wasn’t enough from the comforts of home, the ATT is equipped with a water pump system, a sink, lighting, outlet plugs, a deep cycle battery, and even a fire extinguisher. Who needs a house payment when you can go this route instead?

$18000 Buy

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