Bourbon Barrel Matured Maple Syrup from Mikuni presents a new way to enjoy your pancakes and waffles–with a mild spiked touch of raw bourbon! The Seattle-based distributor/importer borrows charred oak barrels from Tuthilltown Spirits (of Gardiner, New York) to create a serving of maple syrup that will give your batter-y goodness a bit more bite than you’re probably accustomed to.

While breakfast food typically makes a great choice for the early morning hours after a long bout of drinking, Tonic 01 from Mikuni is probably not the best accessory against a hangover. Nevertheless, the bourbon content is low enough that it shouldn’t pickle you too badly. Let’s just say you’d have to eat quite a few pancakes for that to happen.

The $20 price tag may be a little steep for our more practical audience members, but the flask bottles and apothecary jars that Mikuni’s entire line comes in makes for some extremely attractive table decor.

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