The Chuck Norris of sport utility trucks is coming. It’s sporty. It’s truck-y. And it’s perfectly strong for off-road utility.

On the outside, it has the classic three-box design giving it a masculine look. Inside are polyurethane-coated floor pans that can be hosed down when they need cleaning. The rear seats may be removed to accommodate 12- to 16-foot boards. There’s also the 14-cubic-foot frunk for that extra luggage you have.

Under the hood are electric motors with 360 horsepower and 472 pound-feet of torque (no wonder it can tow up to 6,100 pounds) and a 60- or 100-kWh battery pack that lasts up to 200 miles of driving range. The batteries may recharge using a DC fast charger in just 75 minutes.

The self-leveling, four-wheel suspension, the big mud tires, and the adjustable ground clearance (from 10 to 20 inches) make B1 the perfect companion for off-road trucking.

Excited? Stay tuned for the update about its pricing, which should be revealed later this year.

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