Here’s one for all of you avid cyclists out there, especially you “night” riders.

The ‘Blink/Steady’ bike light is a simple, yet crafty (and probably life-saving!) little gadget. Not only is its all-aluminum construction classy and durable (not to mention waterproof), the B/S bike light automatically starts up at night when motion is detected – and kills itself after 30 seconds of motionlessness and/or upon sensing adequate light. No BS! And its dual .5W LED lights project a brighter, more distributed beam than regular bike lights.

“Well, what about those sticky finger thieves?” you might ask. It installs under your seat, on the seat post and – according to the manufacturer – is pretty low-profile, not really advertising itself to would-be thieves. (So, you know, if they jack your bike then you’re kind of screwed, but at least your fancy bike light is safe if they’re too lazy to nab your ride.)