BladeFish 5000 Turbo

By Jason Bacchetta on July 27, 2012

How would you like to keep up with Olympic swimmers in the water, without even putting any effort into it?

The BladeFish 5000 Turbo is a compact DPV (Dive Propulsion Vehicle) that weighs just 10.5 pounds. Hold on to the handles and enjoy a top speed in excess of 4 mph. It’s rated at 130 ft. depth, so whether you’re playing around in your swimming pool, or using it for recreational scuba diving, you’ll be good to go.

Additional features include an integrated camera mount for easy recording of your adventures, and adjustable buoyancy.

And an 18 volt Lithium-Ion battery gives you 55-120 minutes of play time, while a 4 hour full recharge or 2 hour Ready To Go charge gets you back in the water before you know it.

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