By now you’ve read the name “Beercandy”. And just from the name, you already know exactly what it is. And you already know that, dammit, you’d unplug your own mother from life support just to plug in a fridge for some of it. 

Here’s the deal, as if you really need to know more than just the name. These are caramels, covered in white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate with pink lines. And made, of course, with beer. There’s only trace amounts of alcohol but all of that great beer taste. They come in various varieties, made with Lager, Raspberry Lambic, India Pale Ale, and Stout. And they are even more delicious than you are currently imagining.

New on the list, too, is Beertaffy. Taffy’s good and all, but imagine gourmet taffy made with IPA or stout. You never wanted to be a taffy puller in your life but now you’re thinking about it, right?