The Balmain Boat Company has taken great pride in its product for the three years it’s been in business, and now they’re giving every armchair sailor, who never got his crack at the high seas, an opportunity to have a crack at the real thing. With the BBCo Sailboat Kit, you have almost everything you need to catch a wind for adventure.

The kit itself includes the following:

  • Detailed plans and informative construction notes
  • Precision-cut plywood
  • Stainless steel screws
  • Square copper nails
  • Silicon-bronze nails
  • Two-part epoxy glue
  • Cups and stirrers for preparing the glue
  • Three tubes of Sikaflex premium marine adhesive/sealant
  • Disposable gloves
  • Sail and rope
  • Mast, boom and gaff

You’ll need a caulking gun, drill, and hammer, and a few other odds and ends that you’ve probably got sitting around your garage, but all that comes detailed in the instructions. Make sure you read ’em, guys.