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Levi's 511 Commuter Jeans

Levi’s 511 Commuter Jeans

Inspired by Levi’s “511 Skinny Jean” series, 511 Commuter Jeans are Levi’s long-awaited (and perhaps, long overdue) brand of denim tailored exclusively for bike riders.

And what’s a new product without variety? The 511 Commuter Jeans come in four styes: denim, non-denim, full-length, and cropped. All styles are rendered with the uber-popular ‘stretch fabric’ and sport accessories you just won’t find on standard fare denim, including:

  • Levi’s proprietary NanaSphere treatment—helps to repel dirt/water and boosts durability—in tandem with an antimicrobial “Sanitized┬«” coating.
  • 3M ‘Scotchlite’-lining, which is a reflective material that’s lined in the interior of the jean’s cuffs for night-riding.
  • A height-adjusted rear yoke to prevent “plumbers crack”, for lack of a better phrase.
  • Dual-layer back pockets and U-lock storage system attached via the belt loop

We┬á especially love the pants’ higher rear-end—No more unsightly, well, you know…!

SKLZ Hopz | Vertical Leap Trainer

SKLZ Hopz | Vertical Leap Trainer

The SKLZ Hopz Vertical Leap Trainer (jazzy name, eh?) is a man’s-man fitness machine if we ever saw one.

Lacking somewhere in your lower body? And before your mind goes to the gutter, we’re talking muscle-wise—brute strength-wise.

If so, the Hopz vertical leap resistance trainer practically guarantees your lower-body muscles (essential in virtually any sport that requires exceptional lower-body agility) a brutal workout. Whether it’s the gluteal muscles, quadriceps, or hamstrings you’re looking to beef up, the vertical leap resistance trainer has you covered. Includes:

  • Resistance bands (40lbs pressure max) that attache and and let-go via ankle straps and belt rings
  • Adjustable belt
  • Shoe harness with ankle straps
  • Top-shelf materials for durability

We just can’t get over how the wearer looks like he or she is wearing legs braces instead of a fitness product…

Titanic-DNA Watch | By Romain Jerome

Titanic-DNA Watch | By Romain Jerome

Have you seen the blockbuster Titanic? Check. Like antique-ish timepieces? Check. Is money not an issue? Check.

Congratulations, you’ve just “bought” yourself an actual piece of the ill-fated cruise liner at the bottom of the Atlantic, in the form of a vintage wristwatch. Created by Swiss watchmaker Romain Jerome, the Titanic-DNA watch employs materials—like coal, platinum, and steel—recovered from the actual wreckage. Even the black dials are created (lacquered-up) from bits of coal found on the Titanic’s deck.

The very limited-edition (2,012 watches) Titanic-DNA, becomes available in 2012, the 100th-anniversary of the legendary demise of the Titanic.

The price isn’t public yet, but rest assured that the folks who can claim “price ain’t no issue” won’t be disappointed.

Brabus 800 E V12 Cabriolet

Brabus 800 E V12 Cabriolet

“Mercedes-Benz” usually conjures images of shiny, elegant and refined cars—and that’s usually the reality. The E800 V12 Cabriolet by Brabus, though, looks more like a modded-out Camaro with Mercedes’s three-point star tacked on.

Except this is NO pony car. This beastly-looking luxury sports car, with its ridiculously powerful engine, will have the former’s lunch and THEN some.

The Brabus E800 V12 Cabrio is a highly, almost unrecognizably customized version of the stock Mercedes E-Class convertible. Under the hood resides a menacing 5.5L, bi-turbo V12 (similar to the powerful S600 sedan’s) that delivers almost 800 horsepower and enough torque to pull a large yacht uphill (810 lbs.ft). 0-60? Done in 3.6 seconds. From 60 to 124? 9.0 secs, done.

“Other” upgrades include 19″ Brabus rims, a slightly wider body, and red and black leather interior that’s laden-aplenty with chic carbon fiber trim.

How dare they say money can’t buy happiness?!…well, at least that of which will endure the whiplash-inducing trip up to 231mph—the car’s top speed.

Grilling & BBQ Kits

Grilling & BBQ Kits

If you’re not drooling, even foaming, at the mouth after hearing about this divine smorgasbord of spices and rubs, well, it’s possible you aren’t human.

Ready your taste buds! This tantalizing mix of rubs, spices, and salts—by PurposeDesign—comes in packaged flavors such as:

  • Spicy-sweet Memphis BBQ rub: A sweet, tangy BBQ rub that works miracles for ribs, chicken, etc.
  • Java Love rub: A savory blend of espresso and chili powder for kicking-up the flavor of grilled steak
  • Southwest Chipotle rub: A heavenly, slightly spicy concoction of chipotle-chile spices for use on steak
  • Cajun Spice Rub: A mix of steamy Cajun spices (minced garlic, paprika, black peppercorn, oregano, and salt) that’ll render ordinary meats into ambrosia.

…and that’s only a very small sampling of the offerings.

So, we have to ask, how’s your appetite now?

Terrafugia Transition | Flying Car

Terrafugia Transition | Flying Car

They promised it in the 90’s, but it never happened. They promised again by 2006 – again, no dice. Finally, as of the summer of 2011, the first promising air/land vehicle – the Transition Flying Car by Terrafugia – is almost ready to takeoff.

The Transition is still a few years from being mass marketed, pending issues such as the lack of USDOT-mandated airbags, crash-resistant glass, and a steep price. However, it’s the biggest leap in land/air hybrid travel thus far. In addition to the “stow-and-go”-style wings that fold neatly while on the gravel, the Transition boasts an air range of 500 miles, can take flight with only a 518m runway, and cruises the skies at 105mph (93kts/172 km/h).

Other kick-ass features include:

  • A cargo area for all your nicknacks (groceries, perhaps?)
  • A 100hp Rotax engine (red light challenges not recommended, :-D)
  • A full-body parachute and safety glass

Two of the last hurdles for its engineers? Raising the maximum cargo weight higher than (only) 330lbs and dropping its quarter-of-a-million dollar price tag…

10 Things to Consider When Buying A Car

Buying A Car: 10 Things to Consider

Buying a car anytime in the foreseeable future? Awesome. Take heed, though: Don’t let those sumptuous curves and/or the oh-so-comfy interior trump all else (items like affordability, reliability, resale value, maintenance costs, fuel economy and so forth) in your decision to buy a new or used car. Learn to prioritize.
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Bambu Pet Hammock

Bambu Pet Hammock

Pets deserve the best of the best accommodations too, right? The folks at Pet Lounge Studios certainly thought so.

Behold the Bambu Pet Hammock. Made by an organization that heralds the ‘humanization’ of family pets and lives by the motto of balancing form, function, and environmental-savvy, the Pet Hammock is crafted from a premium flavor of teak/mahogany-esque bamboo. Furthermore, the fabulous Pet Hammock is outfitted with an uber-chic, suede cushion, anchored via stainless steel clamps. The sleeping surface, according to the PLS, even “responds to their body weight making it much more supportive and comfortable than an overstuffed cushion.” Only pets under 30 lbs. can snooze on the New Age-ish doggy bed, though.

We don’t know about your pet, but in our experience, ‘ole Fido still swears by his overstuffed cushion (or the king-sized bed us humans use) more than anything.