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big jambox

Big Jambox

Audiophiles from all parts of the globe love their music and, almost by default, their musical devices and peripherals. The likes of iPods, iPhones, fancy (and, uh, usually uber-expensive) headphones, and loud-bumpin’ car audio systems are everywhere. So, why not throw a little hi-fi box into the fray?

Big Jambox, resembling a nifty-coloured toolbox, is a hi-fi, Bluetooth-enabled, wireless boombox. Constructed of stainless steel, chief features include Jawbone-specific, dual-passive bass radiators, dual stereo drivers, and built-in speakerphone for use with everything from your cell phone to apps like Skype and GoogleTalk. Big Jambox also comes with LiveAudio software for self-proclaimed boomin’ sound and MyTalk for downloading neat stuff and software updates.

Jawbone offers up Jambox in a trio of jazzy colors, of course: White Wave, Red Dot, and Graphite Hex.


Kebo One-Handed Bottle Opener

Yeah, yeah, we know: you can get a simple bottle opener for a buck at the local dollar store. So why put up $25 for one?

The Kebo bottle opener is, presumptively, more than merely a bottle opener: it’s a fashion statement. Per the Kebo website, this single-handed cap popper pays homage to the 1930’s “Theodore Low” bottle opener in design and sports stainless steel construction with a mirrored finish. The classy Kebo also comes with its own tin for storage and/or gifting. So while it’s pretty simple and straightforward, good things [sometimes] come in small packages, right?

It will make a classy and affordable gift for any beer aficionado who appreciates more than a little functionality along with their style.


Dishnet Herbst

WAVE Dish Nest System by Herbst

“New,” “revolutionary”: They’re practically staple terms assigned to the majority of “new” and “innovative” household products. The only problem? There’s just nothing new or revolutionary about 95% of the thousands of household gimmicks that come out annually. Will the trendy-looking, spongy ‘Dish Nest’ contraption live up to the usual hype, though?

That said, we’re not here to plug the WAVE Dish Nest system (granted, though, maybe that’s inevitable to an extent). Though, the Dish Nest is actually much more than meets the eye. Not only does the little device – constructed of silicon and polypropylene – fold and contour to hang on to just about any type of kitchenware imaginable (except the kitchen sink itself, maybe?), it’s tactfully designed to absorb water, courtesy of the tiny lips along the edges, and an architecture that curves inward ever-so slightly.

And just in case you’re wondering, as far as we know, the WAVE Dish Nest system is in no way related to the, eh, not-so-revolutionary “ShamWOW.”


Gin Boomerang 8

Boomerang 8 Paraglider by Gin

Feeling adventurous? How about crazy, or even Monday-morning kind of suicidal for that matter? If you checked ‘yes’ to any of those, then the Gin Boomerang 8 paraglider may just be your ticket!

Capable of speeds in excess of 30km/h (that’s 18mph for you Imperialists), the 2-line Boomerang 8 excels at stability, climbing capability, ease-of-use, and comfort. Compared to older paragliders, including prototypes for the Boomerang, this one’s a breeze to launch, handles and climbs better (and with more gusto) thanks to improved aerodynamics, and boasts a larger range of speeds. And with its modern “edge panel” design, Kevlar-constructed race risers and lines, and second-to-none in quality sail, hardly anyone besides the most hardcore paraglider could possibly desire more from his aircraft.

Still not convinced? Take it from Swiss professional paraglider Michael Sigel, the badass¬†who sailed to 1st-place victory in the first task of the 2011 Paragliding World Cup in Colombia piloting a–you guessed it–Boomerang 8!


20 Ridiculous Bacon Products

Mmm, bacon! You’re those slices of greasy Heaven that are just so damn delicious and sinfully good, and yet SO versatile (e.g. Bacon Bits, hamburger toppers): We give humble thanks to you!¬† Sure bacon’s an artery-clogging, ultra fatty meat, but that goes for almost all sinful indulgences? I digress, though.

Here, I give you 20 of the freakiest, most bizarre, and/or stupidest (or are they genius? you decide.) bacon or bacon-inspired creations. Enjoy.
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Abnormal Cycles Union | Harley-Davidson Sidecar

Abnormal Cycles Union | Harley-Davidson Sidecar

Now here’s a creation that would make any Steampunk fan salivate.

Recently appearing in the AMD Championship, Abnormal Cycles Union of Italy is the mastermind behind the wood-laden, Art Deco-esque Harley-Davidson Sidecar. It sports a very eclectic motif that’s completed with a classic 1942 Harley-Davidson Model U motorcycle. The duo rides on 18-inch JoNich wheels (mounted on custom CEAT tires), which perfectly accent its unique Kustom Tech brass & chrome brakes and handlebars.

Something definitely seems abnormal about the H.D. bike/sidecar combination, though. I for one can’t discern whether it would look more at home in the pages of Flash Gordon comics or on the streets of WWII Germany…



Okay, okay I know what you’re probably thinking—“just another gimmick to sucker my money from me”. Don’t worry, though, that was even yours truly’s initial judgement.

Slimmy: It bills itself (dig the obvious pun, yeah?) as “The Slimmest Front Pocket Wallet On Earth”, and claims “faster and more secure” access than a bulky, bulgy, traditional wallet. Slimmy sports three side-by-side spaces and touts that its unstitched (on one side) pockets negate having to fold items. Like its counterparts, “regular” wallets, though, Slimmy only stores drivers licenses, business cards, debit/credit cards, receipts and so forth.

I’m not sure about the next guy, but I still prefer the traditional, butt-clinging wallet for now—even as James Bond-ish as Slimmy’s operation might seem.

2012 Jaguar XKR-S Convertible

2012 Jaguar XKR-S Convertible

Nothing’s more savory in the automotive world, especially come spring and toasty summer, than a sexy, sporty drop-top, right?

And if you’ve got the dough, Jaguar has one of the newest, most lusty ones for you yet! Powered by Jag’s time-tested, time-approved supercharged 5.0L V8 (worthy of some 550 supercharged horses), the XKR-S Convertible arrives as Jaguar’s most powerful convertible ever. Just how fast and powerful? It’ll tear up the pavement with a top speed of 186mph (forget combing your hair!) and blasts from 0-60mph in a scant 4.2 seconds.

Additionally, better drive dynamics, sweeter interior appointments (including carbon leather-trimmed seats), and a sexier-than-ever body have all found their way into the creme of the XK crop; that is, the XKR-S convertible.