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Health nuts – and really, don’t we all need to be? – should take note of this nifty little gadget for the iPhone (or other iOS device). It’s called “Tinké,” and it uses optical technology to gather specific cardio-respiratory info from your body and shows the results right on your device’s screen.

Tinké, by Zensorium, is a compact, no-batteries-required device that snaps into iOS devices (iPhone, iTouch, etc.) and displays real-time cardio-respiratory information right on the screen. This includes the “Vita Index”—or as Zensorium describes it, “your personalized cardio-respiratory score (a.k.a., ‘wellness score’)…that pieces together data collected from your heart rate, blood-oxygen level and respiratory rate”—that’s output onto a comprehensible, yet easy-to-comprehend pie chart on your iOS device. Likewise, Tinké also tracks the user’s “Zen Index”, which is a heart rate-based calculation that determines your stress level, and outputs it accordingly. Hell, you can even share the results to myriad social networks, if, you know, sharing your health information among the general public is cool and all…

Just one caveat: If you have an iPhone 5, you’ll need to get Apple’s ‘Lightning-to-30′ pin adapter, a 30-pin connector adapter.

Hanebrink Hustler X5

Everything’s going, albeit slowly, electric: cars, buses, large power tools, etc. But, says you, “an all-electric, competition-grade street bike?!”

The Hustler X5 is indeed a electric street bike – an 80+ mph one in ‘Competition’ mode, that is. Sure, it’s no conventional gas bike, but we challenge you to find a better all-electric one at this price that’ll top 80. A 14-speed, competition class bike that’s propelled by four Li-ion AllCell batteries, a mid-mounted Crystalyte 5303 motor in tow, the X5 is truly a part of the new, exciting movement that’s shifting away from Earth-killing fossil fuels and slowly coming into cleaner, more responsible forms of energy. And besides its emission-less powerplant, the Hustler X5 (how that’s for a manly name?!) boasts a 200+ mile range and features:

  • A mere 120lb curb weight
  • Tubeless, 20″ x “8 tires
  • A 4.5lb, aircraft aluminum frame
  • Quad-piston Brembo (the best in the biz, by the way) brakes
  • Full instrument cluster
  • Countless individual customization options

Available in white, black, or other custom color, the X5 is, let’s just put it out there, one sick-lookin’ ride.

Anon M1 Goggles

So, the time’s ripe for taking to the freshly-packed slopes. You’ve got your ski gear and are all weather-proofed. But wait, <–insert clumsy marketing pitch here–> don’t forget to bring a quality pair of ski-worthy eyewear!

Besides the clearly badass name, Anon M1 goggles are basically the real deal for the pretty-serious to serious skier. Boasting six magnet connections and capable of absorbing up to 20 lbs (fully bonded), the M1 is constructed of and features: high-def, spherical, dual lenses; anti-fog-coated construction; triple seals; a design that provides maximum ventilation, and compatibility with myriad helmets. Above all, they’re built to snugly fit the rider while providing superior comfort and sport utility. And all of that functionality doesn’t leave behind style: Each pair sports laser-engraved insignia and top-grade materials – i.e. high grade polymers, suede, leather and so forth. Frames and lenses can be had in color schemes like “Abyss”, “Blue Lagoon”, “Blue Solex” and several others.

TGT Wallets

Judging from the latest trends in fashion and design, thick, bulky wallets are out; thin, minimalist ones are apparently in.

The TGT Wallet, a creation of Jack Sutter of Brooklyn, NY – and similar to the HuMn wallet that we previously reviewed – is a super thin, elasticized wallet that fits virtually anywhere and tightly holds anything from around two to about 20 business cards: An optional Italian leather-lined pocket, good for holding peripherals like cash and keys, is available on the “TGT 2.o”. The TGT (pronounced simply “tight”) Wallet comes in seven unique patterns and, most importantly for some, it won’t add additional bulk to pants, purses, or what have you and is particularly beneficial for those of us not fortunate enough to have that “10” body.

And for comparative purposes, the ‘tight’ wallet is just slightly larger than a matchbox – sorta making the “big booty only augmented by a big wallet” issue a thing of the past!

Manoa Hawaiian Chocolate

Chocolate: Let’s face it, it’s basically one of those mandatory aphrodisiacs. Chances are, though, that you’ve never heard of the Manoa Hawaiian Bar – until now.

Manoa Hawaiian chocolate bars – dubbed ‘bean-to-bar chocolate’ – are sweet new treats from the Aloha State that allegedly hark of a different, better kind of chocolate. They’re sourced from the finest, purest cacao beans from around the globe and are lovingly made in Hawaii by a team of environmentally-conscious confectioners. Take a gander at a sampling from their online store (and we DARE your sweet tooth not to show up):

  • “66% Goat Milk Bar”: According to the makers, this wine connoisseur’s favorite marries sour cream, brown sugar and cheesecake, summoning a stringent goat cheese flavor.
  • “72% Hawaiian Sea Salt”:  A salty-sweet marriage of 72% dark chocolate and Hawaiian sea salts – including Black Lava, Oahu, and Molokai.
  • “Breakfast Bar”: A heaping of roasted cacao nibs and espresso beans, this 60% dark chocolate bar is a chocolaty, nutty, crunchy treat with a kick of espresso.

And lest you’ve forgotten about the benefits of dark (i.e. ‘real’) chocolate, it’s been scientifically proven to sharpen the mind, help release happy juices (dopamine, serotonin), reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, and prevent or treat a variety of conditions like arthritis, cardiovascular disease, and gastric/intestinal disorder.

ZOpro ‘Incredibly Thin’ Case-Integrated Charger for iPhone 5

Oh look – yet another iPhone 5 add-on from the vast sea of Apple accessories. But, given that it’s covered by us here on inStash, you’d think that something about it stood out from the crowd, right? Well, you’d be right.

The base ZOpro iPhone 5 case/charger device is a protective, ultra-slim case + integrated charger for the iPhone 5. It’s inner-lined with silky-soft velvet to mitigate scratches to your sleek phone and sports ‘injection molded’, soft-touch materials on the outside to guard against drops, nicks, and so forth; the iPhone’s buttons are completely unobstructed. Adding to the former perks, the CASE PLUS boasts Magnetic Lens Compatibility and (what the entrepreneur dubs) a ‘Pro Photo & Video Platform’. The PLUS also comes with a near-universally adaptable 1/4-20 tripod mount, handle, and full lens set (wide, macro, fish-eye, etc.). It’s also mountable on your ride’s dash and boasts compatibility for tons of third party accessories like tripods, other dash mounts, camera dollies, sliders and so forth.

The geniuses behind ZOpro are still working on funding to get final production on their invention rolling. So, if you think that this promising little iPhone gadget is for you then check out their progress.

KeySquare Bottle Opener + Keyring

Similar to the Kebo “one-handed” bottle opener we previously featured, but with the added utility of a keyring, this simple, sleek, sexy little accessory is dubbed ‘KeySquare’. According to Adam Hogsett, the brainchild behind KeySquare, great design must be attractive, well-crafted, and functional. To those ends, his startup company (Machine Era Co.) uses strong, durable, sleek materials (chiefly, solid stainless steel) to make a functional, yet practically seamless keyring + bottle opener that can be used and showed off daily. Its slots also attach cleanly and securely to any belt loop. And, as Hogsett emphasizes, KeySquare is fabricated from a solid block of steel, not from the presumably-inferior die cast process. The made-in-the-USA KeySquare easily gets our seal of approval, and will make a great gift for practically any fashion & style aficionado among your family and/or friends.

Das Horn: the Definitive Drinking Horn

Tired of guzzling beer (or whatever it is you drink) out of the likes of boring-ass pint glasses, pimp cups, and/or – uh – funnels? (Just nod and agree, thanks!) Good news: Your drinking vessel, one totally eclectic Das Horn, has arrived!

Das Horn is a classic drinking horn wrapped-up in a modern design. In addition to making you look like a modern viking king, it stores 24 ounces of your favorite hot OR cold drink. That’s about two standard cups. Das Horn comes with a nifty, extremely handy (considering its, err, not-so-ergonomic-for-setting-it-down-just-anywhere shape) display stand and even its own necklace for hands-free sipping/guzzling/chugging. The rim is crafted of stainless steel – with the laser-etched logo included – and the body from BPA-free, high quality ABS polymer. It’s also dishwasher and food safe, and can be had with your own custom, laser-etched text adorning its steel rim.

A well-crafted, well-designed drinking vessel that reminds of ancient viking gatherings and festivals, Das Horn does one thing in spades: It makes other, more pedestrian cups look like what they really are – utilitarian, boring appliances. And above all else, we firmly believe that Das Horn should never, ever be called merely a “cup.”