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Swivl Personal Cameraman

If you’re someone that likes or needs to record themselves – be it for work, school projects, or vanity – then the Swivl is a helpful little device that can act as your own personal cameraman.

You mount your iPhone (or other iOS device) to the dock then let it follow you around by way of a marker. It has a range of up to 33 feet (10 meters) and can swivel 360 degrees horizontally and +10 / -20 degrees vertically. It also supports other pocket video cameras that are tripod mountable.

Along with that, the best feature is arguably the iOS digital microphone in the marker. This allows you to capture high quality digital audio wirelessly with a lossless connection that doesn’t get affected by background noise, making it perfect to use even in loud surroundings.

It’s a really neat little gadget that is perfect for those select individuals that it’s designed for.

Camelbak Gambler™

If you’re a snowboarder or skier in need of a lightweight companion to keep your gear in check while out on the slopes, the Camelbak Gambler has you covered.

Available in a tasteful yellow or blue, the Gambler is perfectly designed to carry the likes of a shovel, avalanche probe, skins, and other necessities as well as 3 liters of water – all within the low-profile pack.

Along with the low-profile design, some of the pack features include a lightweight fillport, dryer arms, center baffling, and the patented Big Bite™ Valve. It also features HydroGuard™ technology, an insulated PureFlow™ tube, and an easy-to-clean wide-mouth opening.

It’s a great looking pack that’s designed well for the task at hand and you’re even covered by Camelbak’s “If we built it, we’ll Bak it™” lifetime guarantee, so you can rest assured you’re in capable hands.

Harman Kardon CL On-Ear Headphones

The Classic – or CL for short – on-ear headphones by Harman Kardon are designed to blend “sophistication and simplicity.” And it appears they’ve succeeded.

They don’t just look great and fit comfortably, but also pack a serious technological punch too, offering unrivaled sound quality. They feature high-performance drivers that produce an excellent frequency response and a unique baffle extends low frequencies to provide better bass response – something not all headphones offer, even in the same class.

The over-ear headbands on the CL come in two sizes, allowing for the perfect fit that has been “crafted to maximize user comfort.” You won’t find yourself pushing and pulling to find the fit that’s just right – it will find itself.

There are many other models in the Harman/Hardon range but the Classic offers a good mid-range option, both in price and performance.

GoPro HERO3: Black Edition

GoPro are one of the industry leaders when it comes to in-action cameras and their HERO3: Black Edition model is no exception.

The Black Edition is the top model in the HERO3 range and its promo video will have you realizing just how boring your life is. Either that or give you a huge dose of inspiration and motivation!

At a mere 2.6 ounces (25% lighter and 30% smaller than previous models) it’s fit to accompany you during any extreme sports session or adventurous activity and capture all of the action in glorious High Definition. It’s wearable and easy to mount on your gear so you’ll have no trouble bringing it along for the ride.

The device is waterproof to 60meters (197’) and the versatile camera is capable of capturing ultra-wide 1440p 48 fps, 1080p 60 fps, and 720p 120 fps video and 12MP photos at a rate of 30 photos per second.

Best of all, the Black Edition is WiFi enabled with a remote control that has a reach of 600’ or, alternately, you can control the device from your smartphone or tablet with the GoPro app.

Gnarboard Trail Rider Electric Skateboard

Electric skateboards have always been lacking in something – be it power, range, or the time it takes to charge them. Until now.

Gnarboards have introduced a range of 3 unique, powerful electric skateboards including this beast: The Trail Rider, designed for sheer off-road fun.

With a whopping 3.4 kW of power (remember this thing is attached to your feet), it has a top speed of 28 mph and can reach that speed from a standstill in just 1.9 seconds!

It has a 13 – 15 mile range when fully charged, which is very good by electric skateboard standards, and takes just two hours to charge.

The Trail Rider is unique for its purpose thanks to its 4-wheel drive setup powering the 9″ pneumatic all-terrain tires. Frankly, there aren’t many obstacles that will get in your way – something you can’t say about most skateboards!

Cuebe Outdoor Kitchen

Nothing beats cooking on an outside grill. We all know any meat tastes better this way and aside from that, it’s just a flat-out fun way to cook.

To make things even better, the Cuebe outdoor cooking system was created and it not only looks cool, but also promises to make your outdoor cuisine conquests that little bit easier.

It features two regular gas stoves for “normal cooking” then a teppanyaki plate fry that allows you to cook without much oil or butter that’s typically required for regular frying – so a healthier, more convenient option!

Aside from its functionality, the Cuebe’s name also alludes to its size and shape – a cube measuring one meter high by one meter wide and one meter deep. Pretty cool, huh? And like most outdoor grills it has wheels attached, making it portable and easy to store.

If you’re an outdoor cook that appreciates German design and engineering, the Cuebe may well become your new favorite kitchen.

Denon DJ MC2000

As a budding novice looking to get your feet wet in the addictive world of DJing, you will have likely come across the popular Serato DJ Intro software. Well, the Denon DJ MC2000 is the hardware kit for said software (as well as other compatible programs) and allows you to fine tune your learning process with a more hands-on approach.

It’s an awesome piece of gear with Denon DJ professional grade construction and is ready to go right out the box thanks to it’s plug-n-pay setup via the USB connection.

The MC2000 features a built-in audio interface making it incredibly easy to hook up at parties as well as a MIC Input /Line Input and has intuitive file browsing controls so you’ll get up to speed in no time.

There’s a two-channel mixer snug between the wheels as well as all the usual controls you’d expect for hot-cues, loops and the like. As the design is intended, it’s perfect for the entry-level aspiring DJ.

Salsa Beargrease

Here’s something for all you bike nuts. It’s the Salsa Beargrease, a lightweight fat bike and it’s awesome.

It’s designed purely to be a lightweight racer with its extremely stiff and light tubing and lack of unnecessary weight. The fat frameset weighs just 5.2 lbs and a complete bike comes in at a mere 28.5 lbs, making it perfect for “attacking events like the Arrowhead 135, the Simpson Desert Classic, or simply dominating your local weekend snow series.”

As well as being lightweight, the frame of the Beargrease has a very low and stable geometry, which makes riding in soft or loose conditions that little bit more comfortable, especially at speed. It also features relatively low bars (20mm lower than other Salsa models) to make the riding position more aggressive for those looking to hammer.

It’s built purely with function in mind but just so happens to look incredible, too.