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Powerlace – The Future of Lace-Free Shoes

Step into the future with Powerlace’s auto-lacing shoe technology. A crowdfunding campaign is raising $650,000 CAD to fund the development of the first shoe with auto-lacing capabilities. We know the average person should be capable of spending two seconds tying their laces, but auto-lacing technology is said to be hitting the market in 2015. Powerlace’s auto-lacing system allows for hands-free tying.


Just inserting your foot into the shoe automatically engages the system and ensures a comfortable fit each time. When you step into the shoe, your body weight triggers a lever at the rear end that unlocks the auto-lacing mechanism. They are designed for resistance against fatigue, allowing comfort for wearing indoors, outdoors or just daily use. Not only does the design provide comfort but the outside material is waterproof, water-resistant, as well as washable. With a high-quality design using particular raw materials, every part of Powerlace shoes offers a specific benefit from the sole to the lining. With a futuristic overtone and cool look, the Powerlace shoes could possibly be a shoe in for changing the footwear game.

Checkout the video:

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Titin – Harder Workout without the Discomfort

Bring high-tech and quality to your workout with Titin Force. Titin Force comes with a three-part system consisting of an outer shirt, an inner shirt, and a choice of 14 removable gel pads. Combining a compression shirt with a weighted vest, Titin Tech created an 8 lb. (3.6kg) compression shirt that doesn’t boggle you down while working out. The shirt is comfortable, easy to wear, and hardly noticeable when running or performing high-intensity training. Designed to put less stress on your joints, Titin Force gear lays weight across major muscles offering natural movement through your workout.








Weighted vests can be bulky, poor fitting, and apply weight on the shoulders which has been proven to cause poor posture. Using physics and biometrics, Titin Force was made to create postural alignment by loading weight on extremities along the torso evenly. Gaining popularity amid the CrossFit gym crowd as well as professional athletes, the Titin Force system has seen results in improving vertical leap, endurance, and running speed.

Checkout their launch video here:

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Chaparral into the Future of Hypercar Bliss

The picture of the Chevy Chaparral 2x Vision Gran Turismo could probably stand alone. This incredibly cool Chevrolet concept was revealed last week at the Los Angeles Auto Show and will be available as a downloadable update for PlayStation 3’s Gran Turismo 6 in December. Chevrolet reached out to racing legend Jim Hall, the engineer who helped design the groundbreaking race car that emerged in the 1960s. Hall reviewed early sketches and suggested his advisements on changes that made it in the concept. 

2014-Chevrolet-Chaparral-2X-VisionGranTurismoConcept-45 side

The inspiration of someone in a flying suit with arms outstretched is shown through the body of the design. This virtual world concept flatters our fancy just right with its theatrical prospects like a top speed of 240 miles per hour. The futuristic Chaparral’s design is sophisticated and insanely attractive. The developers captured a concept critical to the idea behind Chaparral’s revolutionary past: a wondrous race car with capabilities beyond imagination.  

Check out the video release for the Chevy Chaparral 2x Gran Turismo. YouTube Preview Image

HD Camera Goggles_Photo1

HD Camera Goggles from Sharper Image

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As the winter season blows through, the ideal vacation might include a snow-top mountain resort with friends or family. If you’re planning to slide the slopes this coming holiday and want to record your crazy moves or first moments, check out these high performing ski goggles by Zeal Optics available at Sharper Image. Zeal, the Boulder, Colorado based company, was one of the first to integrate a HD camera with goggles. Their next generation ski goggles beefs up user friendliness while keeping it tech savvy. Zeal’s HD Camera Goggles sets itself apart by innovating as a high performing eyewear manufacturer rather than just being an electronic brand. For $399, goggle buyers can have ski goggle necessities like anti-fog lenses with UV protection all the while enjoying awesome tech features.

Instead of dragging along those pesky shoot-and-point cameras or those mounted action cams, beef up your adventure with these. Hands-free and no mounts required, the HD Camera Goggles are light weight with easy controls and an attractive design. With a constructive design for durability including straps with heavy duty threading and dual adjustments, the goggles were built for longevity and user friendly awesomeness. With an engineered venting system the goggles are designed to ensure moisture isn’t an issue.

For those not so graceful moments, the impact-resistant frames will be of great use and the goggles are helmet compatible allowing a safe and comfortable fit.  Zeal’s HD Camera Goggles shoot 12 megapixel HD photos and captures 1080p video through a 170-degree wide angled camera lens. Taking their Optimum lens and adding photochromic technology, Zeal brings the Automatic lens. Bright light or low light the HD Camera Goggles automatically adjust to the light levels down the slope and offer 100% protection from UV light. The in-goggle viewfinder displays what your camera sees and the shutter is operated with buttons on the side of the frames. Standard action cameras can be a bit awkward to use with gloves. The HD Camera Goggle’s buttons are glove-friendly, large, and accessible allowing for quick and easy setting changes. Users are able to capture, playback, and delete all videos from the goggles. That’s right, those laughable wipeouts and mishaps can either be treasured for their greatness or deleted and replaced with those crazy lands making the seasonal boarder look like a true pro.

The true beauty of high-performing goggles with technology features wouldn’t go without incorporating the ability to stay connected. When riding the ski lifts you can share your stunning views of snow-top mountains with the integrated social media components. The goggles have a microSD card slot for storage and the lithium-ion battery has an impressive three-hour run time.

End your snow adventure with a cup of hot chocolate and by plugging your goggles into a computer. You can upload all of your favorite moments as you would with any camera, only this time you were able to create these with ease and satisfaction. Whether you’ve got stellar or less than stellar moves, the HD Camera Goggles are perfect for catching memories as we enter ski season.


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The Bold and Beautiful–Syncing Sound and Style

There are many headphones on the market and as the audio industry continues to revolutionize style and sound quality, some of these headphones have piqued our attention. Bang & Olufsen is launching its new BeoPlay H2 headphones in December. B&O has released some banging sound devices and they are well known for their intriguing designs. The BeoPlay H2 on-ear headphones have a minimalist, urban appearance and will be available in several colors.




Boasting superior sounds the headphones have a built-in 40mm custom B&O driver and bass port. Made with premium and durable materials, the H2 headphones are lightweight, flexible and smaller than the full-sized headphones. With B&O’s adaptive fit technology, the headphones mold the head with a perfect fit.  H2 has a microphone and remote included for hassle-free control. Offering colors such as carbon blue or silver cloud, Beoplay H2’s lifestyle-design is superbly sleek, giving headphone users’ style all the while not diminishing the excellent sound quality music lovers enjoy.


Track your performance on the court with ShotTracker

There’s an app for just about everything these days and we enjoy the truly innovative apps that we can incorporate into our lifestyle as business or entertainment. If you are interested in an app to clean up your basketball skills, then you should check out ShotTracker. The ShotTracker app tracks your shot attempts and gives real-time results and shooting percentages as you practice.



The ShotTracker includes a wrist sensor, net sensor and the app itself. The net sensor is weather-proof and easily attaches to any basketball nets. The design allows it to withstand all shots and automatically tracks your shots. The wrist sensor is lightweight and slides easily into the wrist band or sleeve included. It monitors the player’s shooting motion and shot attempts.


The wrist and net sensors are chargeable using a nifty station that charges both devices simultaneously.  ShotTracker app has workouts and drills it can assess to pinpoint your weaknesses. You can also follow other players to see stats and show off your own baller skills. ShotTracker can even be used by coaches who can assign drills for their players and track improvements. With some pretty cool features and wearable technology the app is responsive and won’t feel bad about telling you that your skills could use an overwhelming amount of work. 


Lenovo’s New Yoga 3 Pro Makes Light of the ‘Thin Is In’ Trend

Lenovo’s new Yoga 3 Pro offers an extensive design that optimizes key functionalities people want in laptops. Whether a professional or college student, one can appreciate the convenience of a slim laptop without having to give up the overall functionality. Sleek and sophistication is emboldened by the Yoga 3 Pro’s ultra-thin and light frame at a mere half an inch thick and 2.62 lbs. Adding to its attractive design is a QHD+ display giving the Ultrabook a super-high resolution of 3200 x 1800 pixels.  Its watchband hinge introduces four different view modes: Laptop, Tent, Stand, and Table.



The dynamic of these views are further enhanced when each mode can optimize certain Windows 8.1 apps, satisfying the level of productivity Ultrabook fans desire. The audio quality of the Yoga 3 Pro is boasted through its premium JBL speakers.


Starting at $1,299.99, with a striking build of 11.8 by 9 inches, high-resolution touch display, and fast performing solid state hard drive, the Yoga 3 Pro is definitely a looker that delivers beyond satisfying performance. As the world’s thinnest convertible laptop, Yoga 3 Pro illuminates the ‘thin is better’ trend in portable electronics. 

LG 42LS3400 LED TV

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If you’re in the market for an affordable new LED TV for your home, office, or apartment, take a look at LG’s 42″ Class 1080p LED TV (42LS3400). Packed with features, this TV sports LED backlighting, full 1080p resolution, 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio, 60hz, 2 HDMI ports, a USB port, and built in speakers.  The LED technology provides brightness and clarity that bring out amazing detail in colors and black levels.  Perfectly sized for a bedroom, it also includes Clear Voice II technology enabling distinctive dialogue at levels that won’t upset the wife and an “Intelligent Sensor” feature that adjusts on the fly to various lighting levels. It would even work well in an office or as a centerpiece to a small apartment.  Available at an affordable $720 retail price, you simply can’t go wrong with this LED TV from LG.