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Turn Your House Into A Smart Home For Less Than $100 With Linkio

Imagine being able to have all the conveniences of a smart house without having to buy new expensive gadgets or an equally ultra-expensive hub. Sounds good? That’s exactly what Linkio is trying to bring to market. Linkio is a sub-$100 smart home installation kit that consists of an electrical outlet plug, a universal remote controller, and a light switch. Oh yeah, and a hub that links all these devices together with your smart phone.

Linkio claims that users will see the benefit from their smart home solution in four key areas: Fire Safety, Home Security, Climate Control, and Energy Savings. The kit can interface with a number of different devices and can actually help you remotely turn off devices that might be consuming too much energy or that you might’ve forgotten to turn off when you stepped out of the house. You can also use their remote access feature to simulate a presence at home by turning on lights in order to deter would-be criminals.

As of the time that this article is being written, Linkio has currently raised 32,233€ out of its 50,000€ goal but there are still 17 days to go. You can check it out in action here: YouTube Preview Image


WEPO Is Your Personal Pollution Detector

Over 50 years ago, US President Lyndon B. Johnson declared that each American citizen has the right to clean air. This may just be the first wearable which aims to empower people to take advantage of that right. So, what is WEPO?

WEPO is a 2000 mAh Li-Ion powered, Bluetooth 4.0-packing device which features an electrochemical sensor. This sensor is actually able to monitor Carbon Monoxide levels in the air surrounding the user and push it out to smart watches and smart phones alike.


The team behind WEPO is hoping to ship the product to its Indiegogo backers in July 2015 and is planning to build a platform that will interface with other smart devices like Google Glass. WEPO looks like it will be successfully funded as it has already raised $12,000 out of its $10,000 goal at the time that we’re writing this. You can find out more about how WEPO works here:[/youtube]



QButton Will Help You Become A Better Person

Building bad habits is easy, but building good habits? Not so much. QButton is like a post-it note for the digital era, a bluetooth device which uses motion sensing technology to collect data and set up alarms or send notifications to your phone in order to motivate you to be a better person.


If that sounds somewhat vague, you can imagine that some practical use-cases could be placing QButton on your cup in order to set reminders about drinking during the day or keeping QButton posted on your chair so that it can remind you to get up and stretch during the day to avoid back pain. QButton can even help remind you to take medication, go to sleep earlier or to remember your wallet before leaving the house. It’s really one of the most versatile wearable’s we’ve seen so far since it can also double as a sports tracker if you place it on your shoes or bike.

If you’re looking for a do-it-all device with a real focus on self improvement, then this might just be your best bet. Check it out for yourself here: <iframe src=”” width=”222px” height=”445px” frameborder=”0″ scrolling=“no”></iframe>



The MSI GT72 Dominator Gaming Laptop Is A Beast

Want a laptop with enough video processing power to make the average gaming laptop blush? You need to check out the MSI GT72 Dominator. The Dominator features a 17-inch display and a matte black aluminum chassis adorned with LED backlit keys. Speaking of the Dominator’s keyboard, it’s actually one-hundred percent reprogrammable, that is to say you can create custom macros and then program those macros to any button on the keyboard’s surface.


The GT72’s LCD display features very sharp visuals and vibrant colors. That’s not the only place that the Dominator shines though. Its Dynaudio speakers boast loud, clear sound that can be optimized for gaming, cinema, music, and voice. Battery life clocks in at around 3-4 hours on this bad boy, which is pretty darn good for a 17-inch gaming monster like the GT72.

All in all, if you’re looking for an awesome portable gaming rig then this is the one you should probably go for. Trust us, running Battlefield 4 at over 100fps never felt so good.



Embrace Smart Watch Can Save Lives

Embrace is a smart watch with a slightly different focus. It’s actually designed to save lives and has a definite health focus when compared to something like, let’s say, the Moto 360 or Apple Watch. Embrace can actually monitor not only movement, physical activity, and sleep but detailed physiological responses, stress, and arousal.

Embrace can use all of this data to actually detect seizures, and can alert friends or family members automatically if the user is experiencing one. How often is it that you use a gadget that can actually save your life?


In terms of design, Embrace is starkly minimalistic and teeters on the sci-fi. It uses a LED ring in order to show the time with the hours and minutes position on the ring mimicking that of an analog watch face. Also worth mentioning, is its sleek leather band which looks like it’s designed with real premium leather.

Embrace is currently in the crowdfunding stage at Indiegogo. If you support their “Proud Supporters” level at $189, they’ll donate an Embrace to a needy child with epilepsy as well as provide you with your own Embrace.


Bluesmart: The Best Piece Of Luggage Ever Made

Bluesmart is the ultimate piece of luggage. Why? What other piece of luggage allows you to control it from your smart phone letting you lock/unlock it, weigh it, track its location, and be notified when you’re leaving it behind? Bluesmart can even charge your phone 6 times over with its built-in battery.


Bluesmart’s app provides you with information on your travel habits and syncs with your calendar and travel services to provide suggestions of what to pack. Bluesmart plans to support both Android and iOS at launch but also plans to develop apps for Apple Watch and Android Wear platforms so users will be able to control their suitcase right from their wrist.

If you’re thinking that all of this is too good to be true, you’re actually right. At least for now. Bluesmart is currently a project on Indiegogo, but the good news is that it actually raised over $1,366,016 of its $50,000 goal and should be released in August 2015.

Bluesmart also complies with international airline regulations as well as regulations placed by the TSA and other international entities.


Nevo Is A Beautiful, Minimalistic Smart Watch

The number one complaint people have had with Smart Watches so far is that they’re ugly. In a world where every smartphone, tablet, and laptop can tell you the time most people who still wear watches appreciate them as jewelry or collectible works of art. So where’s the smart watch for the discerning watch-wearer?

Nevo aims to be the answer to that question. It’s a modern minimalist smart watch which incorporates activity tracking and phone notifications without sacrificing its commitment to superb design. At its core, what makes Nevo different from other smart watches is that it displays progress to your activity goals not with a screen but rather with eleven white LED indicators located around the dial.


Nevo shows your progress to your daily goal by lighting more of the LED indicators. If you’re 25% to your goal, only 3 LEDs will be turned on for example. Notifications coming from your smartphone are handled in a similarly subdued manner, with vibrations alerting you to a missed call or text.

The best thing Nevo has going for it though, is it’s battery life. Users will never have to worry about charging the smart watch and the batteries last for 5.5 years. Nevo has currently raised $191,413of its $50,000 goal and is looking like it’ll be successfully funded.

Check out Nevo in action here:


Strengthen Your Back With Lumo Lift

The Lumo Lift is a wearable fitness tracker which does something few other fitness trackers do, it tracks your posture. The Lumo Lift sits against your body and uses the combination of magnets and a metal clasp to rest on top of your outfit. Once you’ve fastened the Lumo Lift against your upper body, it will use it’s various sensors to measure your body’s alignment throughout the day using vibrations or buzzing (depending on your preference) to let you know when you’re slouching.


If the name Lumo sounds familiar that’s because they launched a product in 2013 called the Lumo Back which also tracks your posture. The difference between the Lift and the Back is that the latter is an actual belt which you wear and focuses on correcting your posture by strengthening your lower back. The Lift, by comparison, has a relatively smaller profile and is a far more discreet product. That being said, the Lift does have several drawbacks when compared with the Lumo Back. Lumo Lift can’t be worn with loose clothing and doesn’t actually offer trends/analysis of your use.

All in all, the Lift is a must-have for any gadget enthusiast who might suffer from poor posture or chronic upper back pain. Stop slouching and get one today!