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Give Your Car An “Update” With ZHOR

If you drive an older car, then you’re probably jealous of all of the new tech which is being crammed into new vehicles these days. Thankfully, there’s now a solution which brings functionality like 3G internet, GPS navigation, voice commands, rear-parking camera, video calling, bluetooth pairing, and easy to read car diagnostic tools to every car. No exceptions.


The name of this “do it all” device is ZHOR. It’s a dashboard mounted tablet-like product which is installed in literally minutes. In terms of design, ZHOR looks undeniably 80s. Made of black plastic, you can tell that the product designers wanted to make it look like it’d fit into most pre-2010 vehicles and that’s a good thing. You can tell there was a great deal of car that went into creating this product and that shows in things like the cable-free setup and the sheer number of makes and models that ZHOR is compatible with.

ZHOR is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo and we’re sure that this isn’t one of those projects you should pass up. Lend it your support today and help make ZHOR a reality!



Microsoft Unveils New Surface 3 Tablet

Microsoft has designated a successor to the Surface RT and Surface 2 Tablets it released a couple of years ago now. It’s called Surface 3 and its not to be confused with the Surface Pro 3. Despite similar looks and the fact that they run the same software, the Surface 3 should rightfully be considered the Pro 3’s little brother. It’s physically smaller than the Pro 3 and features a vivid 10” display and silver magnesium casing.


So what’s different from the older Surface 2? Well, for one its not running Windows RT. Surface 3 runs a totally unrestricted version of Windows 8.1. Moreover, it features a faster quad-core Intel Atom processor and a three-stage kickstand that will let you comfortably view the Surface 3 no matter what angle you’re in. There are also some improvements with the touch cover that brings it inline with what Microsoft did with the Surface Pro 3 as well as a Stylus. Pricing starts at $499, which is a very good deal when you consider that this tablet could also double as a full Windows laptop.


Amazon Announced 1-Click Ordering With Buttons You Can Stick Anywhere

Ever been in the bathroom only to realize that you’re on your last roll? How about opening the fridge and discovering that the only thing you have left to eat is leftover mac and cheese from last thursday? Amazon feels you. That’s why they’ve released their new “Dash button”. Dash button is a completely new type of gadget which promises to solve the aforementioned scenarios. It’s a physical button which you can stick anywhere and allows for 1-click ordering of a product through Amazon.


Worrying about a child accidentally pressing your Dash or your (inebriated) buddy trolling you by ordering 100 rolls of toilet paper? Don’t worry, you can temporarily disable Dash through your Amazon smartphone app. Also, once you order something through Dash, the device disables itself until the product you ordered is successfully delivered to your home. Dash is launching with more than 18 different brands today and it’s free if you’re a Prime Member.



Turn Any TV Into A Chrome OS Machine With Chromebit

From Google TV to the Nexus Q and back around to Android TV, Google has shown that it really wants to be in your living room. Unfortunately for the Mountain View-based behemoth, these initiatives have mostly been failures. Now Google has another plan to get into your living room and it hopes that it’ll be able to leverage the power of Chrome OS to do it.

Enter the Chromebit. For less than $100 the bubblegum stick-sized device promises to turn any display with an HDMI port into a computer running Chrome OS. Since the majority of TVs out there aren’t very “smart”, this may be the perfect dongle for those looking to watch streaming video or Netflix on their television set.


Following the Chromebook model, Chromebit won’t be a single product but rather a platform. The first Chromebit will be produced in cooperation with ASUS. You can expect that first Chromebit to be on sale sometime this summer but no specifics have been announced yet.



Friday Smart Lock Will Fit In Perfectly With Any Home

There are a growing number of smart locks on the market out there, but if you’re looking for one that’s as beautifully designed as your impeccable interior then the Friday Smart Lock might be your next big purchase. Like other smart locks, it can be remotely locked or unlocked through its iOS/Android companion app. It also lets you provide “keys” to your friends, roommates, or loved ones so that they can enter your home as well. All of this is pretty standard smartlock fare, what makes the Friday Smart Lock unique is the fact that it comes in four different intechangeable shells (porcelain, wood, bronze, and stainless steel) so your lock won’t look out of place once installed.

Friday SmartLock

The Friday Smart Lock has integrated Bluetooth and WiFi. It also features support for Apple’s HomeKit and Google/Samsung’s Thread initiative. Availability is dependent on whether the Friday Smart Lock gets enough funding on Indiegogo so if you’d like one of your own make sure you pledge at least $99 for your chance to score a Friday Smart Lock at a $150 discount off of retail pricing.


The New HTC One E9+ Phablet Is Gorgeous

HTC has a brand new phablet which it hopes will turn around its fortunes. The HTC One E9+ is a beautifully designed half-metal, half-plastic device which features a gorgeous 5.5-inch Quad HD (534 ppi) display. Powering the device is a 64-bit octa-core 2GHz MT6795 MediaTek processor, 2GB RAM, and an impressive 2,800 mAh battery.


HTC has also decided to include things like its trademark BoomSound front-facing stereo speakers and UltraPixel technology on its front-facing camera. Speaking of cameras, this device features a whopping 20-megapixel main camera for some truly detailed and vivid photos. The One E9+ also includes blazingly fast 802.11ac WiFi and, of course, 4G LTE. Furthermore, the device is only 7.49mm thick. Proof that you can create an incredibly powerful and versatile phone if you just design a better smartphone, or in this case, Phablet.


Got A New MacBook? You Can Use Inklet To Draw Directly On Your Trackpad

In case you haven’t heard, Apple released a new MacBook earlier this month which features a new force-sensitive trackpad. This trackpad allows the new Macbook to know exactly how hard you’re pressing down and actually has serious applications as a drawing device as well. The first app to take advantage of the new “Force Touch” technology Apple has included is Inklet, which allows users to use a stylus on their 2015 MacBook trackpad in order to manipulate and draw over images on the screen.


When using Inklet, users can draw normally for thin lines or press down for thicker lines. This allows your Stylus to work like a paintbrush for your computer. For fine detail, simply zoom in using the two finger gesture on your trackpad and you can correct or add detail to any drawing or image. If you’ve already used a Wacom tablet then you’ll find Inklet to be very familiar. The main difference is pricing. At just $25, Inklet will allow you to become the digital artist you were always meant to be.


The kSafe Is The Motivation You Need To Reach Your Goals

Want to lose weight? Watch less TV? Stop ignoring your significant other because you’re on your smartphone all the time? If you’ve said yes to any of these questions or maybe you have some other goal you have trouble motivating yourself to reach then you need kSafe in your life.

kSafe is a research proven system that turns temptation into motivation. If you want to watch less TV, for example, simply place the remote inside your kSafe and then set your goal in the kSafe companion smartphone app. Once you reach your goal, kSafe will unlock and let you watch your favorite series again. You can think of kSafe as a sort of practical pavlovian response system which rewards you for reaching your goal with something you love.


The kSafe companion app allows for a few types of goals. You can set an activity goal like burn more calories and have it sync with a FitBit for verification or you could set the companion app to track how many times you go to a gym with a location based goal. There’s also a time goal which will simply lock kSafe until a certain amount of time has elapsed. Whatever your goal may be, you’ll certainly find yourself more motivated with kSafe. You can get yours today by supporting it on Kickstarter for $79.