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Omate Roma

The Omate Roma Is What The Apple Watch Should’ve Been

Omate has been on a roll lately. In Q4 2014 it released the Omate X and now it’s recently announced two new smartwatches, the Omate Racer and Omate Roma. While we’ve already covered the sporty Omate Racer in another post, it’s worth noting that it has a classier twin-brother in the Roma as well.

Omate Roma

Featuring a high quality leather band and a circular watch metal case, the Omate Roma looks like what the Apple Watch should’ve looked like. The device features the same functionality you’ve come to expect from all smartwatches such as notifications, calls, reminders, social media updates and the like. Unlike the competition it does seem to have a longer lasting battery life, clocking in at 7 days on a single charge. Internally, the Omate Racer is powered by a fast dual-core MediaTek ARM processor which makes menu navigation butter-smooth. The Roma is set to be released later this month for $200 and is still cheaper than the Moto 360.


Stop Others From Snooping On Your Internet Activity With Anonabox

It’s a scary world out there. “Good guys” and “Bad guys” alike are likely snooping on your internet collection and seeing exactly how much embarrassing fan fiction you’re reading. Luckily there’s Anonabox, an embedded linux device that routes all your internet traffic over the secure Tor network. What’s Tor? It’s an internet relay which provides security and anonymity so you can be sure that no one will know that you secretly watch My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.


You could say that Anonabox is like a clocking device for your computer. It can hide your location and online activity as well as allow you access to censored sites (You know, if you’re a Chinese dissident or something). Setting Anonabox up is simple, just plug in the usb power cable then the WAN cable to your router. Once that’s done you can then connect to Anonabox wirelessly from any of your devices. It’s really that simple. Anonabox was successfully funded in January but you can still get one from Indiegogo for just $51.



Get Into Shape With This LED-Embedded Smart Jump Rope

Meet Smart Rope, the LED-embedded jump rope that pairs with your smartphone! Designed to be a part of the Smart Gym platform, this device incorporates the natural motion of the jump rope to accurately count jumps, track interval workout sessions and calculate calories burned based on your body mass index.

One of Smart Rope’s coolest features the fact that unlike other passive wearables, it actually displays workout data right before your eyes. How? As you use the device, the LEDs located in the rope portion of Smart Rope form numbers and letters letting you know how you’re doing or how much you have left to go. There’s also a built-in coach feature which will analyze your workout data and provide specific suggestions on how to improve.


Smart Rope has currently reached its goal on Kickstarter and should be launching sometime this year. There are still 33 days left to go, so make sure you support it in order to take advantage of early bird pricing.


Nvidia Shield

Nvidia Launches Its Own Game Console

Nvidia is going to be creating an Android console. The Nvidia Shield (which used to be the name of a gaming tablet and an all-in-one game controller) is set to be the world’s first 4K Android TV console. The device features a small, ultra-thin profile and will be able to playback 4K video at 60Hz. Powering the device is a Tegra X1 which gives the Shield twice the performance of an Xbox 360 at about half the power output. An Nvidia spokesman confirmed that there’ll be over 50 games available at launch and that the console is capable of playing Crysis 3.

nvidia shield

Not a gamer? No worries, the Shield also offers the option of a non-gaming bluetooth remote which features an Amazon Fire-like “one click, one touch voice search” along with its own Boku-Like headset jack for listening. The Nvidia Shield will be launching later in May for around $199.



Forget Using Keys, Start Using Your Smartphone To Enter Your Home

Leave your keys behind and start locking and unlocking your phone with Sesame! Sesame is a key replacement device which fits on your lock in just seconds. There’s no need to remove or swap anything out, simply tape Sesame to your door with a single strip of 3M tape and it’ll fit your lock. Even deadbolts. All deadbolts.


As with any electronic device, Sesame is battery operated. Not to worry though, the battery will actually last for around 500 days and it’ll even send you a notification when batteries are low. Worried about others coming into the house? No need to worry here either. You’ll have absolute control and furthermore, you’ll actually be receiving a notification every time the door opens or closes. Sesame comes in four different colors and is available for preorder now on Kickstarter if you back the project. Get yours today and join the smart home revolution!


Clio Is The Best Looking Speaker System We’ve Seen Yet

Tired of clunky looking speakers messing up the aesthetic value of your home? If so, then you need to check out the Clio 2.1 bluetooth-enabled speaker system. At first sight, this speaker system may look more like a fancy alarm than anything capable of putting out any real sound but then again, looks can be deceiving.


The Clio features a proprietary speaker technology called Edge Motion which allows it to split one piece of acrylic into three “zones”. Each zone acts as its own channel with both speakers occupying the edges of the product and the subwoofer occupying the center of the transparent sheet. ClearView Audio has given the Clio the capability to connect to over 8 devices at a distance of up to 30 feet so you’ll be able to control Clio no matter where you are in your home. Clio is slated to be released later on this month for $349.00.


Stratos: One Smart Card To Rule Them All

We’ve seen the likes of Coin and Plastc before. Smart programmable credit cards which seek to combine all of your accounts in order to make mobile payments easier and your wallet lighter. But never has a card had so many features and such beautiful design as Stratos. This card is just as thin as your credit card and contains a battery, bluetooth radio and even touch-sensing technology.


Stratos is simple to use. Up to three accounts can be loaded on the device at any time and you simply tap on the card twice to switch and then select the LED light which is assigned to the account you wish to use. You can actually store more accounts on your smartphone and then load them up onto Stratos for use when you want. There’s even a slot which can be used to load gift cards as well. Unlike its competition, Stratos is being sold as a membership starting at $95/year. The advantage of a membership model is that things like NFC, smarter recommendations based on location, and virtual card downloads could be coming to Stratos sooner rather than later.


Meet The World’s First Smartwatch – For Volleyball

Swatch is taking a different approach with smartwatches. While most smartwatches aim at being general purpose devices, Swatch believes that what will really win people over is creating watches for niche markets and just focusing on providing the best experience in that category. Their latest Swatch Touch Zero One is proof of their strategy, it’s actually a smart watch designed for volleyball players.


If volleyball is your thing, then you’ll love the fact that the Touch Zero One will track your low hits, high hits, power hits, and high-fives. It’ll then take your performance(s) and rank your abilities as a volleyball player from 0 to 100 so you can see how you improve over time. The device also does some general fitness tracking such as displaying how many calories you’ve burned and steps you’ve taken. Not a volleyball player? Swatch is set to debut their upcoming smartwatch line later this spring.