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Save Money With The GoFar Smart Car Computer

Want to visit the gas station less often? Who doesn’t! Now with GoFar you can know exactly how much your car is costing you and how your driving is impacting the price you pay at the pump. To get started with GoFar just plug the dongle into your car computer using its on-board diagnostics port (all cars manufactured after 1996 have one) then place the Ray on your car’s dashboard. Once you complete those first two steps, you can simply pair GoFar with your phone to start tracking your mileage and costs involved during your drive.


The GoFar Ray is also equipped with blue and red LED lights which will change color depending on the type of driving you’re engaging in. Keep the lights blue and you’ll save money. Drive inefficiently and the lights will switch to red letting you know that you’re needlessly wasting energy and burning your money away.

GoFar is an added addition that any car owner can appreciate. You can preorder your own on Kickstarter for just $89 today.

feel real

FEELREAL Combines Smell-O-Vision With Virtual Reality

Remember Smell-O-Vision? It seems like it’s a tired TV trope by now but the idea behind it was fundamentally a good one, I mean imagine being able to smell coffee as your favorite character stops to get a cup of joe. Wouldn’t you feel somehow closer to the character? Wouldn’t it be just *that* much more immersive? Now what if you could interact with the character as well. If you could be a character in a fully-immersive virtual reality game. One company, FEELREAL, Inc., wants to do just that. They want to marry smell-o-vision and virtual reality for the ultimate immersive experience.


If that wasn’t enough, FEELREAL’s virtual reality solution can not only emulate scents but can also allow you to feel water mist, vibration, heat, and air. Imagine for a moment soaring through the air, feeling the wind on your face and smelling the ocean breeze. That is the type of experience that FEELREAL offers. Tempting? Make sure you support their Kickstarter project today. They still have a long ways to go until they make their goal and just 24 hours left!


Musio Is A Real Life Personal Learning Robot

Artificial Intelligence is here. Luckily for us pudgy humans, the world’s first artificially intelligent robot isn’t designed to enslave us and use our biokinetic energy to power a simulation of 1999-era earth. Instead, Musio hopes to learn, adapt, and grow with us. Think of it as a robot which just wants to hang out, the more you use Musio the smarter it becomes serving as your own mechanical friend.


What really sets Musio apart from other robots is that it can adapt and grow. It can also speak naturally, share its ‘emotions’, and serve as a sort of smarthome-connected personal assistant. If you’re a hacker/hobbyist you can even program Musio and further customize it with the Musio developer kit.

Musio’s intelligence depends on the model you end up buying. Specs range from a 1.2GHz Dual Core CPU to a 2.5GHz Quad Core Chip, 16-64GB of storage, and 1800-3000mAh battery. The more expensive the Musio model you end up purchasing, the more ‘human’ he’ll end up being. No word on if Musio will end up learning so much that he’ll become self-aware. Stay tuned.


Save Yourself And Loved Ones From Smoke Inhalation With Saver

Did you know that up to 80% of fire fatalities are due to smoke inhalation? That’s right, the majority of times its not the fire that leads to an untimely death but rather the smoke that’s produced that will get you in the end. One company, Saver, is hoping to change that unfortunate statistic and make a positive impact in the world with its life-saving device.


Saver is really three devices in one. First of all, it is able to keep you mobile and prevents smoke inhalation by incorporating three filters (smoke & dust filter, carbon monoxide filter, and toxic fume filter). Secondly, it’s a flashlight that is strong enough to allow you to see through toxic fumes. Finally, it’s also a built-in alarm system that can be used to notify first responders of your presence. The device is activated in just 5 seconds; the goal is to keep you moving and breathing clean air so that you can escape to safety.

It’s not every day that we come across a revolutionary product that can save lives. If you want to make a difference in the world, you can do so by supporting Saver on Indiegogo today.


Fove Is One Of The Best VR Headsets We’ve Seen Yet

If you’ve seen the Oculus Rift and the Microsoft Holo Lens but are still not convinced then Fove is the virtual headset for you. Unlike all of the Virtual Reality headsets which have come out in recent years, Fove is the first VR headset to feature real time eye-tracking technology. The addition of eye-tracking allows for more precise control of on-screen characters as well as a fundamentally more fully immersive VR experience.


Let’s say that you’re playing a first person shooter, Fove will actually let you aim with your eyes allowing you to be more accurate than you could ever be with a joystick. Fove’s eye-tracking technology also allows in-game characters to make eye-contact with you so you’ll feel that they’re talking to you and not some fixed point on screen.

Fove is definitely the most advanced virtual reality headsets that we’ve seen so far. If you want their dream of a truly immersive virtual reality experience to become a reality  and snag your own Fove along the way then make sure you support it on Kickstarter today for just $349.

Geek Watch

Become The Alpha-Geek With This Casio Calculator Watch Face For Apple Watch

What could scream “nerd” louder than having a classic Casio watch on your new Apple Watch? But if you’re on a quest to become the world’s ultimate geek, then you need to get the appropriately named “GeekWatch”. For $1 you can relive all of your favorite childhood memories like trying to spell “BOOBIES”.


GeekWatch comes in a variety of colors ranging from full black, black and yellow, pink, gray, blue, metallic, and gold. There’s a backlight and you can change the “wallpaper” behind your GeekWatch as well if you enter the app on your iPhone/iPad. As you’d expect, GeekWatch is also a fully functioning calculator so you can actually crank out some killer calculations. Pedants take note, for legal reasons GeekWatch has had to remove the Casio logo from the face of its virtual calculator watch but that shouldn’t matter when you consider how ironically awesome it is to have an icon of the 1980s on your futuristic Apple device.


Aria Adds Motion Control To Your Android Wear Watch

There are some definite downsides to wearing a smartwatch. For example, imagine that  you’re eating, brushing your teeth, or holding hands and you get a notification that requires an urgent response, what do you do? Well, if you had the Aria smartband you could just control your smartwatch with just a simple figure gesture or flick of the wrist.


Aria is compatible with Android Wear and Pebble Time and is accurate enough to allow you to navigate through a smartwatch’s user interface without ever needing to tap on the screen or using controls on the side of the watch face. What about Apple Watch, you ask? While you probably will never be able to control the Apple Watch’s UI (Apple wouldn’t approve), you can always control certain actions (Like changing a color palette in a drawing app) in compatible iOS applications such as GoPro’s. Aria will soon be launching a Kickstarter project. Stay tuned for more from this ambitious company.


Bynd Wants To Be Your One App For Everything

Let’s face it, using a smartphone can be a weird and disjointed experience. Multitasking on these devices just isn’t as fluid and functional as it is on a full-sized PC. If you’re an iPhone user then you especially know what I’m talking about. You gotta go into Twitter when you want to check up on the latest insider gossip then press the home button and THEN go into Facebook when you want to e-stalk your ex-girlfriend. Wouldn’t it just be better if one app united all of your disparate social media feeds and put it in one place?


Enter Bynd, an iOS and Android app which promises to do just that. As its name implies, Bynd will “bind” your social media streams into one easy to navigate (and GORGEOUS) app. While Bynd is invite-only for the time being due to the app still clearing the beta testing phase of its development, it promises to be a powerful tool that will significantly streamline the mobile experience. Bynd  even promises to roll out  support for not-so-social networks (and apps) such as YouTube, Weather, and Calendar in the future. Check out their website and sign up to be a beta-tester. We’re sure that you won’t be disappointed.