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Raspberry Pi Zero Is A $5 Hacker’s Dream

The folks over at the Raspberry Pi foundation are working hard to make the cheapest computer known to man. After selling products at the $35 level followed by the $20 level, they’ve finally outdone themselves by introducing Raspberry Pi Zero — a $5 board that’s basically an entire PC.

Low prices doesn’t necessarily equate with low-end either when it comes to the Zero, as it retains many of the same features that its more expensive brethren offer while still managing to be 40% faster than the original 1st-gen Raspberry Pi.


In terms of raw specs, at the heart of its 65 x 30 millimeter circuit board is a Broadcom BCM2835 processor, with a 1GHz ARM11 core. The board itself holds 512MB of RAM, and the operating system is loaded from micro-SD card in typical Raspberry Pi fashion. Also like its brethren, there’s a mini-HDMI socket for 1080p video output, and micro-USB sockets for data and power.

You can get your own Raspberry Pi Zero via Raspberry Pi’s online shop or by ordering an issue of their new MagPi Magazine.


Star Wars Uprising May Just Be The Funnest Mobile Game Yet

Looking for a mobile game to spice up your life as we head into December? Look no further than Star Wars Uprising. Picking up where the original trilogy ended, this game will prime you for the upcoming films and provide an unforgettably fun mobile gaming experience. You see, Star Wars Uprising isn’t your typical iOS/Android game. Published by Kabam (known for Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon and Kingdoms of Camelot), the game combines MMO and action RPG elements into one delightful little Star Wars-themed Diablo clone.

Not only will you explore new worlds and help bring justice to the galaxy, but you’ll also be doing so with your crew — basically a group of individuals which you send on missions ala SWTOR. These missions will provide you with credits, experience points, and even materials which you can use to craft schematics or upgrade your weapons.


If you’re curious then make sure you download this totally free game. You can find it on your app marketplace of choice. Guaranteed.


Own A Bike? Airbag One Is A Must

If you’re a biker then you’re taking a pretty serious risk by getting on your hog and hitting the road. But that isn’t going to stop you is it? Of course not, and luckily for you there’s a new product called Airbag One which aims to put an airbag under your badass leather jacket.

Unlike other wearable airbag solutions, Airbag One fits under any jacket and offers exceptional protection of your neck, chest, spine, and obliques. What’s more, the choice of materials that the team behind Airbag One chose mean that you’ll stay cool in the summer time and comfortably warm during the winter. Airbag One also offers additional safety features such as reflective shoulder stripes and back hem for increased visibility.


If you’re ready to take your life seriously then you should definitely consider getting your own Airbag One. A one time payment of $189 may just save your life.


Relive Your Best Memories With The Teleport VR Headset

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could relive your memories like if they were happening for the first time? That’s exactly the vision that the folks at Teleport are trying to make a reality. Their take on a virtual reality headset goes beyond the likes of the Oculus or Gear VR by incorporating compatibility with its very own Teleport 3D Camera.

The Teleport 3D Camera is compatible with iOS and Android devices and basically straps itself over your existing smartphone camera. Once in place, you’ll then be able to capture moments in full 3D for later viewing on the Teleport VR Headset. Think of the Teleport solution as the next generation of home video — except that people will actually be engaged and not fall asleep as you show them footage of your trip to Paris.


You can get your own Teleport VR headset and camera by becoming a backer on the project’s Indiegogo page today.


Top 5 BlackFriday 2015 Tech Deals

Black Friday is now upon us and that can only mean one thing: amazing deals. We here at inStash have taken the time of compiling the five top gadget deals so you don’t have to spend hours upon hours scouring the depths of the internet for the best prices.

1) Xbox One – $299 (reg. $349)


Following Sony’s price cut back in October, Microsoft has now responded in kind by shaving $50 off their flagship console’s price tag. This is the first time that the console has been at a sub-$300 price point so it may just give you the incentive to buy if you’ve been holding out.

This price cut will apply to all Xbox Ones regardless of where they’re sold.

2) LG 55EG9100 – $1799 (reg. $2499)


Featuring a crisp 55” display with an exceptionally rich color gamut, LG’s 55EG9100 has always been one of our favorite smart TVs. What’s more, this television set runs webOS — the world’s most advanced smart TV OS.

Buy it direct from LG in order to take advantage of the $700 discount.

3) Apple Watch – $499 (Reg. $599)

apple watch

If you’ve been waiting for a good excuse to get an Apple Watch then Black Friday may just be it. Best Buy has Apple’s smartwatch $100 cheaper just for the occasion.

4) MacBook laptops – Vary.


A MacBook could make for a great gift for a college student or aspiring hipster. While Apple itself doesn’t really do the whole Black Friday thing, you can take advantage of lowered prices from MacMall.

5) Moto 360 2 – $249 (Reg. $299)


Apple Watch not your thing? We don’t blame you. Unlike the Apple Watch, the Moto 360 2 is remarkably versatile can you can basically design your own — choosing your bezel, size, colors, materials, and strap. Furthermore, the 360 2 features a superior design which allows it to look great in any situation.


Tech Tats May Be The Next Big Thing In Wearables

Tattoo. The very word means widely different things to different people. For some, it’s a means of self expression and for the more judgmental amongst us they’re just a signal that someone just isn’t worth their time. Still, for certain amongst us they’re merely the means to a healthier — and better quantified — future.

Let us explain, a company named Chaotic Moon Studios has started working on stick-on tattoos that look a bit embossed against the skin, since they contain electronic components, including a micro-controller and LED lights. Dubbed “Tech Tats”, the goal of the product is to create a more permanent fitness tracker which will be able to detect if you’re stressed, monitor your body temperature, blood pressure and heart rate, and then transmit all of this information through their electro-conductive ink.


Another use for their technology is NFC. Imagine being able to pay with just a swipe of your tattoo’d hand instead of having to take out of your credit card or phone. Pretty neat, eh?

There’s no word on when their product will come to market but we can’t wait to show our beautifully functional future tats!


RestOn Is The Best Way To Measure Your Sleep Quality

Ever feel like you probably need your own personal sleep consultant? You aren’t alone. Millions of Americans suffer from insomnia every year with sleeplessness being a huge unspoken factor in the decline in economic efficiency. That being said, you don’t have to feel helpless as you go tossing and turning in bed every night. All you need to do is get yourself a RestOn.


Now what is RestOn, you ask? It’s basically a very thin (almost belt-like) device that you place under your person every night. Once in place, RestOn will accurately measure sleep time, heart rate, respiratory rate, body movement and sleep cycles. Through RestOn’s Sleepace companion app, you’ll not only be able to see graphs and charts showing the quality of your sleep over time but also receive professional and easy-to-apply guidance in order to help you achieve your best sleep every night.

So what are you waiting for? Get your own RestOn by becoming a project backer on Indiegogo today.


G-RO Is The World’s First Companion Bag

If you’re a frequent traveler then a simple carry-on bag isn’t enough. What you really need for those all-too-often flights is a “companion bag” which will do a whole lot more than simply carry your clean underwear and socks — that’s where G-RO comes in. G-RO is a wheeled powerhouse which will ensure that your trip will be not only more comfortable but also completely hassle free with it’s enormous 23,000 mAh battery, wireless proximity detector, and location tracker (both of these features are particularly useful if it gets lost).

Other differences between G-RO and traditional carry-on bags include larger and sturdier wheels, a stronger design (which includes more durable materials), and more additional space.


If you’re ready to make the leap and get your own G-RO then make sure you back the project on Kickstarter today. Just $279 will get you your own companion bag!