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Meet Lotus, The Most Environmentally Safe Electric Bike. Ever.

You may think electric bikes are environmentally friendly but where do you think you’re probably getting that power from? Sure, you may be getting it from a solar or nuclear plant but in the US chances are you’re getting it from coal or natural gas. If you want to keep a clean environmental conscious then you should look into the Lotus E-bike, a revolutionary eco-sustainable electric bike which is powered by solar energy.


Lotus is made out of aluminum and its battery is inconspicuously housed over the back wheel. Up front you’ll find an LCD screen which displays the battery power level and a map for turn-by-turn navigation. You’ll also be able to lock Lotus with a PIN much like you would a smartphone and there’s also location tracking in case your Lotus is stolen. Users will be able to charge their Lotus by using several Lotus solar charging points scattered throughout the city. Pricing begins at $15,000 and the Lotus will come in a variety of colors which are to be determined later on.



Print Out Your Photos With Prynt, A Polaroid-like Smartphone Case

Remember Polaroid pictures? There was something both fun and convenient about being able to print out a physical photo and giving them away to your friends. Well, if you’re yearning for that type of retro cool you’re in luck because the folks at Prynt have been able to recreate the old Polaroid experience for your smartphone with their new printing phone case.


Prynt works with a variety of smartphones including the iPhone 5/5S/5C, iPhone 6, and the Galaxy S4 and S5. It works without using WiFi or Bluetooth so it won’t actually drain your phones battery any more than it needs to. What’s more, Prynt uses an ink-less print system that allows you to pick up your photos immediately without needing them to dry.  Prynt cases are designed to be modular, so you can actually just switch out the dock adapter if you upgrade or change phones in the future. The cases come in pink, blue, and white models and feature a matching animal-friendly leather grip for added style.



Rolopower Is The Carry-on Luggage That Charges Your Devices

With more and more passengers taking to the air each year, it seems that airports just keep getting bigger and bigger. Getting from terminal to terminal may feel like forever and when you finally get to your boarding gate, it may seem near impossible to actually find an outlet. Sure, you could just get a battery pack to charge your device but they’re often both bulky and weighty. Since you’re walking so much anyhow, why not just get Rolopower?


Rolopower is a the smart carry-on with dynamo wheels which actually is able to power your devices. Rolopower isn’t picky either, and is able to charge both Android and iOS phones and tablets with its large internal battery. Furthermore, Rolopower also doubles as a fitness tracker with its mobile app, which is able to let you know the distance you’ve covered as well as your average speed. Rolopower is currently seeking funding via Indiegogo and has only raised 9% of its $50,000 goal. If you’re a frequent traveler why not lend it your support today?



PERI Duo Is Half Battery Case, Half Speaker, And Completely Awesome

If you’re a smartphone user then you’re already aware of the two problems plaguing the ubiquitous devices: their battery life stinks and their speakers are tiny and weak at best. Until now, no mobile accessory has ever solved both of those problems but thanks to PERI Duo, the end of bad battery life and audio quality may soon be upon us!


PERI Duo is a smartphone case that integrates a 2500mAh battery which is more than able to provide your smartphone will a full charge. It also Bluetooth & Wi-Fi enabled speakers that are actually loud enough that you can party to your favorite music with them. What’s more, the case is also durable enough to protect your phone from most bumps and bruises. The makers of PERI Duo claim that it won’t withstand being crushed by a car, but you probably weren’t planning on running over your phone anyhow. PERI Duo supports iPhones 5 and up and a number of Android devices as well. Lend your support on their Indiegogo page today and be sure to receive yours sometime in April 2015.



iCamPRO Is A Security Robot That Will Vigilantly Watch Over Your Home

At just over 3” tall and powered by a high-speed CPU, iCamPRO may seem more like a camera than like a robot but then again, looks can be deceiving. iCamPRO features multiple motion sensors which will allow it to rotate itself to where your intruders are coming into your home. The device also features the same Real-time object tracking which the military uses in order to provide the best tracking and security solution possible.


iCamPRO can be placed on a shelf or a table but can also be placed on a flat surface such as a wall or ceiling with the included adjustable mount. The device falters up to 32GB of onboard storage and another 15GB that can be uploaded to Google Drive. It also features streaming, so you can watch what’s going on at your home from a distance, and nightvision in order to capture night time burglars. iCamPRO just obtained funding and will start shipping in May 2015 to its backers. Look for it in a store near you sometime later this year.


Become a Grill Master With The Palate Smart Grill

Let’s face it, if you don’t have a passion for cooking it can be tedious and time consuming. But what if there was an easier way to cook something and still have it taste great? Enter the Palate Smart Grill. This grill can cook almost any food perfectly based on its weight, composition, and desired temperature.


Using the Palate Smart Grill is simple. Simply start the cooking with a few taps on your iPad and the grill will then execute a precision temperature cooking process that cooks your meal exactly the way you want it. The food is cooked to perfection even if the meal is delayed due to late guests. It’s pretty much impossible to overcook or undercook your food. So how accurate is the Palate’s temperature sensors? Apparently it has a margin of error of only 0.2°  celsius. The maximum temperature that the Palate Smart Grill is capable is 600° F. So what are you waiting for? Get that perfectly cooked steak today!



ChargeTech Will Charge Your Smart Device In Double-Time

ChargeTech is the charger your smart device should’ve come with. This thing is tiny (and that’s a good thing) and it’ll actually charge an iPhone twice as fast as Apple’s standard charger. Not only is it just as small as the charge that’s included with your latest iDevice, but it actually contains 2 ports so you can charge both a tablet and a phone at the same time. We live in a world where literally every electronic device needs to be charged and the convenience of having a speedy dual charger really can’t be overstated. The team behind ChargeTech also really came up with an innovative way of saving space on a crowded power strip by including a convenient gently sloping edge on one side, and a slim profile that won’t take up more space than necessary on the other.


ChargeTech isn’t only releasing a wall outlet charger though, it’s actually come up with a new powerful 4.8 amp dual charger which works with your car as well.


Become a Jedi With Sixense’s STEM VR-Compatible Motion Controller

If you’re anything like us then you’ve been wanting to wield your very own lightsaber for a very very long time now. Thanks for the folks over at Sixense and the wonders of modern virtual reality technology, that long-held childhood dream may very soon be turning into reality. 

The Sixense STEM, which stands for Sixense Tracking Embedded Module in case you were wondering, is a Wiimote-like motiontracker which then wirelessly interfaces with a central base station. Unlike something like the Leap Motion, it doesn’t require a straight line of sight in order to provide the position of your hands. The STEM actually allows motion gameplay to be used with virtually any published PC game since the device is smart enough to automatically emulate the inputs for which the game was designed.


Sixense’s STEM can be pre-ordered now for just $299 and the estimated ship date for new orders is about 2-3 months from the order date.