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O2 Hurricane Canless Air System

O2 Hurricane Canless Air System

Traditional canned air is officially dead.

The O2 Hurricane Canless Air System is the world’s most powerful cordless electronic air duster. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it’s inexpensive. One canless air system is all you’ll ever need, since it’s completely rechargeable. Just plug it in to charge for a brand new burst of air.

Great for offices, automobiles, and just about all of your electronics.



Injuries and aches got you down? Well, that’s what technology is here for.

HyperIce is a recovery device that uses ice compression technology to deliver cold therapy. By removing heat from the body and reducing tissue temperatures, the device acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. It also happens to look pretty damn cool too.

Available for the shoulder, back, knee, and even ankles, wrists, and elbows.

Censorship Towel

Censorship Towel

There are times when nudity just isn’t appropriate. But there’s no reason why you can’t add some humor to the situation.

The Censorship Towel covers you up with shoddy pixelation, making you look like you just jumped out of an 8-bit Nintendo… or a Girls Gone Wild video.

Because let’s face it: nobody in the gym wants to see your ass when walking into the locker room.

Foosball Coffee Table

Foosball Coffee Table

Okay, so it’s not nearly as cool as the BlackBall Football Table we featured recently, but it’s definitely more affordable.

This Foosball Coffee Table from Chicago Gaming is made from hand carved wood and features hand painted foosball players, stainless steel ball return, and solid wood scoring beads and handles.

Coffee Beer and foosball. Why not?

Ogio No Drag Mach 5 Backpack

Ogio No Drag Mach 5 Backpack

So you’ve got a sweet bike… but is your bag weighing you down?

The Ogio No Drag Mach 5 Backpack features a streamlined, aerodynamic molded exterior design for the ultimate reduction in drag while riding. The exterior shell is weather resistant, has a carbon weave graphic design, and comes with reflective safety piping and logo for 360 degree visibility.

Perfect for storing 15″ laptops, tablets, helmet visors, shoes, or lunch.

Scrabble Typography Edition

Scrabble Typography Edition

Typography and word fanatics will fall in love with this limited edition Scrabble set.

The Scrabble Typography Edition comes with solid walnut tiles featuring a variety of awesome fonts. Additional highlights include metal tile racks, a solid birch cover, a six-panel solid walnut magnetized gameboard lined with slip free cork, and a solid walnut storage case with drawer.

Each set is also signed and numbered, in an attempt to make you feel extra special!

La Colombe Pure Black Coffee Brew

Pure Black Cold Brew

Let’s face it, we Americans are coffee addicts. Hell, I’m drinking an iced coffee as I write this.

Pure Black Cold Brew from La Colombe is the hard stuff for us coffee lovers. It’s cold pressed – steeped for 16 hours in stainless steel wine tanks, free from oxygen, pressed and filtered twice. And if you know anything about coffee, you know cold pressed means less acidity (easier on the stomach).

Great for mixed drinks, desserts, or simply over ice. No dilution and no preservatives… just pure black.

Personalized Santa Sack

Personalized Santa Sack

Bring back the true Christmas spirit with these massive stockings.

The Personalized Santa Sack is designed and printed by Harrow & Green, made of top quality hessian, and features a unique letterpress that can be personalized with the name of your choice. It’s finished with a high quality grosgrain ribbon and name label.

Obviously these Santa Sacks were created for kids, but ladies take note: the men in your life would love one.