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Mercier-Jones Hovercraft

Designed to fearlessly traverse land and water, the Mercier-Jones Hovercraft is the ultimate recreational vehicle. The hovercraft works like a well-designed air hockey puck, travelling over any terrain – including sand, mud, and gravel - on a cushion of air. Plus, it has the performance of a sports car with improved maneuverability using a directional control system to move forward, side-to-side, and in reverse.

Speed buffs may be disappointed by the 80mph maximum, but it’s acceptable for a vehicle without wheels. If you’re sick of waiting for flying cars and buildings on stilts, Mercier-Jones may have the next best thing.

Elevation Training Mask

Elevation Training Mask

Not everyone has the resources to really jumpstart their training by working out at the top of Mount Everest, but the Elevation Training Mask is the next best thing. The mask simulates altitude training by restricting your oxygen intake, which increases lung capacity as the lungs have to work nine times harder to take in oxygen. The mask can safely be used during running, cycling (stationary to start), and other aerobic workouts.

Other benefits include increased anaerobic thresholds, mental and physical stamina, focus, and energy production. Plus, you’ll resemble that bad-ass character from Killzone 3. Can’t go wrong there.

Bulletproof Men's Polo Shirt

Bulletproof Men’s Polo Shirt

The day-to-day usefulness of bulletproof casual wear is highly debatable, but it’s essential if you’re a high-risk individual or have an irrational fear of stray bullets cutting you down. Depending on your particular needs the Bulletproof Polo comes in a few different protection levels such as protection from a 9mm all the way up to a submachine gun. At the higher levels, the shirt even includes stab-proofing if that’s something you require (and who wouldn’t want that?).

The exterior is designed to look casual and made from 100% cotton while the interior will keep you cool in the heat and warm in the cold with its microfiber design. To top it off, the shirt has some impressive credentials considering it is certified by the US Department of Justice. But don’t put this baby in the wash, it’s dry clean only.

Centara Grand Island Resort

Centara Grand Island Resort

Welcome to your own slice of paradise in Thailand or the Republic of Maldives (your choice). Though, judging from the pristine photos it doesn’t really matter where you go. Each luxury villa can fit up to 3 people and boasts 110 square meters (approx. 1184 square feet) of space. The villas are built over water and offer a two-storey sundeck connected via outdoor staircases.

Additional amenities include in-suite Wi-Fi, bathtub and heavenly rain shower, individually-controlled air conditioning, private-terrace, flat screen TV, international satellite, master bedroom, and furnished living room. Not that you’ll be spending much time inside when the ocean is steps away from your king-sized bed.

WHY Wally-Hermes Yacht

WHY | Wally-Hermes Yacht

In case the photo didn’t give it away, the WHY (Wally-Hermes Yacht) is the epitome of excess. WHY is a new company from the collective minds of french luxury brand, Hermes, and yacht-maker out of Monaco, Wally. They didn’t want to just create yet another luxury yacht, they wanted to create a moving island that combined the convenience of a boat with the size and sustainability of, well, an island.

Not only is it a behemoth as far size is concerned, but the WHY also has little negative effect on the ocean as it recycles thermal energy along with organic and inorganic wastes. Our favorite feature? When the boat is anchored it creates a calm, flat surface of water behind it that you can use as an olympic-sized pool.

Honja Low Top Sneakers

Honja Low Top Sneakers

If low tops are your thing, you’ve probably grown tired of the same old designs being pumped out over and over again. If so, it’s time to gain some perspective.

Y-3 Honja Low Tops offer a unique spin on the classic sneaker mould. A denim canvas upper contrasts perfectly with bronze leather accents and leather trim around the toe. Discrete inner-lacing finishes the package and makes the shoe stand out from the crowd.

Who says you need to fit in?

Highway Pro USB Charger

Highway Pro USB Charger

The Highway Pro USB Charger sidestepped the design cliches of typical car chargers in favor of more refined aesthetics. Crafted from sturdy aluminum stamped with a diamond tread pattern, the Highway Pro plugs into any cigarette lighter to provide non-stop power to your devices.

The charger features two USB ports that are surge-protected and capable of rapidly charging any device: 2.1A output for iPads and larger gadgets and 1A output for standard smartphones. It ships with an Apple-certified coiled USB cable and sports a green charging LED that perfectly matches the color of the classic Mac charging cable. It’s all in the details.

Ninja Stealth Throwing Knives

Ninja Stealth Throwing Knives

Think of this set of knives as a beginner’s foray into the mysterious ways of the ninja. These dull blades aren’t going to slice through a body, but they’ll let you do some target practice without a hitch. The 6.5 inch knives ship in a 3-pack with a nylon case. The blades are sturdy with a loop at the end of the handle.

Now all you need is the outfit to match. A black bathrobe and a ski mask ought to do it. Maybe pop in a copy of Ninja Gaiden for a little inspiration. And who said money can’t buy happiness?