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f-4 phantom ejector seat

F-4 Phantom Ejector Seat Can Now Be Yours From Boeing

The McDonnell F-4 Phantom II fighter jet was a workhorse throughout the Vietnam War, and now Boeing wants you to relive some of that action with this ejector’s seat that can now be purchased through the company’s online store for just $15,000. Worth a note: this is a de-commissioned ejector’s seat from an actual plane, not a clever-looking replica.

Martin-Baker Aircraft Co. Ltd. initially manufactured the seat, and it’s since been refurbished and cleaned professionally. However, it retains that age- and battle-torn look that you would want in a piece like this. No Mk.7 rocket, though, so if you want to be shot into the air to escape awkward social situations, you’ll have to source one of those separately.


Displate: Your Favorite Heroes, Metallicized

Need some artwork to spruce up the apartment, home, or man cave, but don’t want to go with the standard stuff that you can find on any wall in America? You might want to give the metal poster art of famous pop culture characters from Displate a try.

Each selection is a gallery quality print on thick 17.7″ x 12.6″ metal plating. Every unit is verified by the Production Master with a signature, unique series number and hologram added to the back of each plate for added authenticity and collectors value. These use a magnetic mounting system that’s a breeze to install. Characters available include Boba Fett, Heath Ledger’s Joker, Han Solo, Darth Vader, and Harry Potter, to name a few.


SkyCruiser: This Future-Of-Travel Concept Will Blow You Away

Krossblade Aerospace has sent over a new video they would like for you to see, and after getting a look at it ourselves, we have to say: “Shut-up and take our money, guys.” The company has been working on a concept and has even developed a working drone prototype that it plans to unleash on the unsuspecting public at an undisclosed time in the not-too-distant future. The concept is called the SkyCruiser. It’s what is known in aircraft circles as a VTOL, or “Vertical Take-Off and Landing” vehicle. It’s able to do this thanks in part to the switchblade transformation propellers that provide enough lift to get going from a stationary position.

The SkyCruiser will seat five and will also offer separate storage capacity — farewell to those nightmare family vacations. It reaches a top speed of 314 miles per hour and the electronics aboard give it enough to manage a 1,006-mile range. That means L.A. to SanFran in an hour and 10 minutes with no stops along the way. And once you arrive at your destination, it’s road-ready, so no point in stopping by the rental car kiosk either.

Hurry up and make this a reality!

YouTube Preview Image

Meet Carvey, The Anti-3D Printer!

Carvey is an anti-3D printer in the sense that it will create objects from materials in a desired form based on 2.5D designs or CAD, CAM, and machine controlled software. However, that’s where the similarities end to this and its printing brother. Instead of layering on materials to create the design, Carvey takes a number of materials — wood, metal, and plastic to name a few — and then “carves” it down until you’re left with the object you envisioned.

Using an expert design that all but eliminates noise, you can create some pretty complex objects with the simple push of a button and not have to worry about messy cleanup or ruining the peace and quiet of your workshop. The machine is now available on Kickstarter. Click the green button to head over there. If you want one for yourself, it’ll run about $2,400.

etsy in person

Etsy Card Reader Has Arrived!

If you currently sell anything on Etsy, then today marks a great day in the history of your online store. That’s because you can take your creations and product line everywhere you go without sacrificing your ability to make money. Introducing the new Etsy card reader! Since more than one third of Etsy users sell in other locations separate from the web, the card reader makes a great addition while seamlessly integrating with the online shop.

According to the company blog, “The reader is free, and payments through the card reader are competitively priced at 2.75% per swipe. The 3.5% Etsy transaction fee does not apply for in-person sales. US Etsy sellers enrolled in Direct Checkout can order a card reader today and download or update the Sell on Etsy app for their iOSor Android device. We’re currently evaluating in-person payment possibilities for sellers based outside the US.”

abco tech noise cancellation headset

Abco Tech Noise Cancellation Bluetooth Headset

The Abco Tech Noise Cancellation Bluetooth Headset may not do anything to keep you from looking pretentious the way so many of those guys who appear to be walking around talking to the air do, but at least it looks and feels great on, and it’ll keep you from driving around town like a maniac thanks to the comfort of hands-free.

Furthermore, the dock is specially designed to mount to the air vent so that you can charge the Bluetooth headset when you are driving. The magnetic charging dock automatically triggers Sleep/Wake modes to make the most of the battery’s 5 hour continuous play time. Pretty snazzy. You can get yours from the Amazonians by clicking the Buy button below. Just $30!



PetNet: Kill The Pet Obesity Epidemic Through Tech

PetNet is a self-described SmartFeeder that allows your pet to live a healthier life through portion control and nutrition management. The feeder, now available for reserve at a price of $199, comes loaded to the nines with sensors that allow you to manage calorie intake as well as portion size. It also automatically senses when the food supply is running low and gives you the opportunity to refill whenever necessary.

Last but not least, the PetNet puts you in control whether you are at home or 10,000 miles away (though if the latter is the case, I really hope you’ve got someone checking in on him, your buddy needs you!). As you can see, it comes in different colors and boasts a neat design aesthetic. Click the green button to secure one for your pet today.

mm cask strength bourbon

Maker’s Mark Cask Strength Bourbon

For those of you who always thought that Maker’s Mark traditional bourbon was a bit weak in the knees, the company’s Cask Strength Bourbon is here to rewrite that perceived history. Bumping the 90-proof standard up to something between 108 and 114, MM now bids you drink a stronger bourbon that comes directly from the cask with no palatable additions. That’s around a 10 percent boost in ABV, so you’ll definitely feel the kick from glass one.

While the price tag of $40 is a little more ornery as well, we hope you’ll save some dough by drinking less of it. To learn more about the great flavors and notes, venture over to the Maker’s Mark website by clicking the green button below.