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Must-Listen Podcasts No. 5: The NoSleep Podcast

Want to see something really scary? Well, the NoSleep Podcast can’t help you there, but they can certainly allow you to hear some really scary things. Each episode is packed with several professionally read horror tales from the nosleep reddit thread, and the vast majority are suspense gold.

Many of the stories will incorporate things that are currently happening in our world, and subtle musical cues up the ante on suspense. If you’re looking for a frightful podcast to listen to this Halloween season, then we suggest starting with the Free version of the show. This is usually limited to one to three stories. You’ll get the Season Pass for $19.99, which means even more scares for the money.

nook tab

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK

The NOOK is back, and this time Barnes and Noble had the good sense to let Samsung build it. Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK is ready to give Amazon a run for its money at a price point of just $179, which includes free shipping. Buy it now, and you’ll get over $200 in free content from B&N, which at publisher’s prices, will translate to a few books.

So they don’t completely “get” the whole eReading experience as much as Amazon. We’ll let it slide thanks to the vibrant and colorful 1280 x 800 7-inch display, the multi-window mode, the 10 hours of battery life, and lightweight 9.7-ounce size. Also, we’re really digging the size, which allows it to fit perfectly in one hand for the ultimate reading experience. While we’re still mighty impressed by Amazon’s offerings, this isn’t a bad entry, and the native NOOK was always a fun device back in the day. Count us in!

swing copters

Dong Nguyen, Flappy Bird Creator, Is Back With Swing Copter

If you thought Flappy Bird was addictive, then get ready to cancel all weekend plans and quit your job, because its creator, Dong Nguyen, is back with Swing Copters. This old school masterpiece finds you navigating between barricades as you try to fly up, up and away. This maintains the NES-styled graphics, but adds mucho fluidity and fun, and we have the trailer, which you can watch below.

Swing Copters is now available for Free from the Google Play store as well as Apple’s iTunes. It’s a good thing, too. You won’t be able to afford anything after you’ve frittered away hours of productivity on it.

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The Windcatcher Air Pakk

The Windcatcher Airpakk may be just one backpack but it can serve a variety of functions. With a self inflating mechanism and adjustable cushioning, the Airpakk can go from a backpack to a laptop stand to a pillow for your head during those really boring college or high school classes. It can also pull duty as a travel pillow, a sleep pad, and even a sun screen.

If you would like to purchase one of these for the remainder of the semester, then hop on over to the official website via our Buy link and follow instructions from there. The company recently finished up a successful round of funding on Kickstarter where you could pick one of these babies up for around $90.


SpinPadGrip All-In-One Tablet Accessory

The SpinPadGrip launched today on Kickstarter, and with it, iPad/tablet enthusiasts will get one of the most unique accessories on the market. Featuring a design that acts as a stand, a grip, and even a suitcase, you can make carrying your tablet so much easier, while also allowing yourself some flexibility and freedom when it comes to private use or giving presentations.

The design is all-in-one, so no confusion in what you’re getting. It’s available through the crowd-funding website for the next 19 days, and at close to $7,500 raised, it’s off to one heck of a start. Click our Buy button to order yours for the price of $25. (That doubles once they’re out of early bird offerings.)

lucetta magnetic bike lights

Lucetta Magnetic Bike Lights

Lucetta Magnetic Bike Lights are perfect for those of you who spend a lot of time riding at night (or any time, for that matter). You can never have too much visibility while sharing the road with megaton cars and trucks, so these are a good solution for calling more attention to yourself and boosting your safety as a result.

Operation is simple. All you have to do is detach the lights from one another, place them on a portion of the bike that has a magnetic pull, choose your flashing mode, and get going. Each package comes with two lights — one red, one white — and are ideally placed at the front and back of your bike. Click our Buy link to pick yours up from Amazon for just under $30 (shipping included).

reddit ama app

Finally, The Official Reddit Ask Me Anything App!

Reddit’s Ask Me Anything is one of the bright spots in a website that can often get bogged down in negativity and hapless arguments. Whenever there is a Reddit AMA, people listen because they’re listening to some pretty remarkable people. Emmy Rossum, Jerry Seinfeld, Buzz Aldrin — you never know who will show up, and the anything goes free-for-all Q&A process brings to light some pretty cool facts and tidbits that may have otherwise been forgotten.

Thankfully, there is now an official and beautifully designed Reddit Ask Me Anything app, and it won’t cost you a dime. You can be alerted whenever an AMA is active or when one is upcoming, or you can just browse the archive for some greatest hits. Your move. Click the Buy link to download.

xbox one controller for mac

Xbox One Controller For Your Mac!?

The Xbox One Controller Driver for Mac finally bridges the gap between Mac and Microsoft with a driver that supports all of the fluid controls you’ve grown accustomed to on your Xbox One, but on the most current Apple operating systems in addition to the console itself. Terry Demco, creator of the project, is committed to bringing this product to market so many more people can have an excellent gaming experience on the Mac with hardware they already own. The driver will support a USB connection to the controller, and have all gaming joystick, trigger, and button control.
Buy in to the private beta to test out games on your Mac using the Xbox One controller for just $20 Canadian, or around $18.20 U.S.