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vencer sarthe

Vencer Sarthe: From Le Mans To Supercar

The machines think they know better, but real drivers know there is still a place for old-fashioned control and human experience. With the Vencer Sarthe, inspired by the famous Le Mans racetrack, you the Driver can enjoy the last of a dying breed — or perhaps the first in a reborn breed — of analogue super car.

Last year a preproduction prototype of the Vencer Sarthe was revealed by Prince Albert II of Monaco at Top Marques exhibition in Monaco. Meanwhile Vencer has gone through a period of thoroughly testing with their last (red) pre-production car to validate all new technology for the production model of the Vencer Sarthe. With over 100 changes and modifications made on the production model, the Vencer Sarthe MY2015 is the result of years of extensive development by a dedicated and passionate team. This vision has led to collaboration with high-end automotive suppliers and freelance experts willing to go the extra mile to develop a unique car with true character and analogue feel. By following this trajectory Vencer has achieved to manufacture a distinctive, light and pure drivers car, with a clear focus on road-use. The Sarthe is an exceptional supercar that involves all your senses of what nowadays is becoming increasingly rare.

The Vencer Sarthe outputs 622 horsepower with a 6.3L supercharged engine and a top speed of 210 miles per hour with a 0 to 62.5 mph acceleration speed of 3.6 seconds. Prices start at around €270.882 (or about $342,000).

the muddy

Goose Island Presents The Muddy

According to the brewer, The Muddy is a concoction of molasses, brewer’s licorice, and Belgian dark rock candi sugar. All of this converges into one imperial stout with amplified sweetness for a taste as distinctive as the Chicago blues that inspired its creation. When you tip back a bottle of The Muddy, you’ll immediately notice its onyx black color and infusion of dark chocolate and midnight wheat malts. 

The alcohol by volume is a stiff 9.0 percent, so it won’t take as many of these to rock your world. Purchase via bottle comes in a pack of four and will run you about $12. If that’s a little high, know this is premium stuff. Still not happy with it? Then maybe you should stick to the watery 30-packs advertised on TV.


Nope: Shut Web Cam Hackers And The NSA Out Of Your World

Got kids and/or a love of privacy? If so, then you’re going to love Nope, a magnetic web cam cover that is inconspicuous yet highly effective at blocking out hackers and keeping your private time private. Now brewing in a Kickstarter project, Nope is well on its way to becoming reality. A five-spot will get you your choice of two Nope units or two Nope minis.

But is there a market for it, you may be asking? Nope started with a $500 target goal and has grossed more than $25,000 with still 48 days to go. That’s a huge success by any estimation, so you can expect yours to ship in December. As they say, “say ‘yes’ to Nope.”

mophie juice pack air

Mophie Juice Pack Air: Must-Have For The Mobile Office

The Mophie Juice Pack is a great way to squeeze a little more battery out of your day — okay a lotta more battery — and look good doing it. With the Juice Pack Air, you get an accessory that can load more than 60 percent extra battery life into your phone on a single charge, and it’s good for around 500 of them before it starts to wind down.

Available for any phone that’s worth a darn — namely the latest iPhone series, we used an iPhone 5s testing ours — it’s only caveats are a rather snug fit and an instruction manual that could have used a few more details.

For instance, it literally took me 30 minutes to figure out that the bottom came off, and when I did figure it out it was due to the Internet and brute force frustration at not being able to take the phone out of the case once it was snapped in. Furthermore the volume/silence switch was so stuck that I had to use a tiny flathead screwdriver and pry like a madman to move it. Once I did, however, it started moving fine. Both are minor quibbles. When your phone is not just your phone but also a work device, I can’t tell you how much of a godsend this thing is. Mophie has thought of everything, right down to including a headphone extended so the device doesn’t limit access to private Pandora jam sessions. Get yours now for just $100 ($85 from Amazon). Click our Buy button to get started.

bg paramotor

BG Paramotor: Take Flight, No License Required

The Official Bear Grylls Paramotor combines the easy flying characteristics of a paraglider with the autonomy and range of powered flight. Classed as a foot-launched aircraft, you will get going without need for a pilots license and with a short take-off and landing capability, open fields, grass strips and secluded beaches are your runways of choice.

Breaking down easy for travel convenience, all you have to do is place it into the trunk of your car and take the adventure with you. The unique connection system enables you to assemble the BG Paramotor within minutes so that you spend more time in the air doing the thing you love, than on the ground.

Complimenting the stylish looks of the BG Paramotor, the Adventurer Package includes an exclusive range of Bear Grylls flight accessories. From prop covers, to travel cases, to an official Bear Grylls paraglider wing – with its own custom colour scheme and BG branding. Prices start around $17,326. Learn more by clicking our Buy button below! 


know your numbers

Know Your Numbers App: Never Forget The Important People

Do you depend on your smartphone to remember EVERYTHING as much as me? If so, then by now you’ve forgotten all the phone numbers for your most important contacts. Why bother remembering when Mr. iPhone/Samsung thingy can do it all for you? Well inevitably you’re going to get your data wiped out one day, and you’ll be forced to reenter all those important numbers. When that happens you won’t be able to touch base with friends, family, co-workers, loved ones, et al.

Thankfully, the Know Your Numbers app is about to change that with a series of fun mini-games that help you memorize and internalize the numbers in your life that are the most important to you. The app makers recently launched a successful Kickstarter campaign, and you can still pitch in your $1 for the next two days to secure your download and ensure this baby ends up on both iOS and Android platforms.

white horse tavern

And Winner Of ‘The Oldest Bar In America’ Is…

The White Horse Tavern opened in 1957 as a bar, but the history of the building goes back much, much further. Built in 1673, it has housed colonial assemblies, criminal courts, and civic government for almost 350 years. It is older than our country! And if you find yourself in Rhode Island, the home of WHT, make sure you order up a plate of seafood for me!

The reason WHT is now making a splash online is because of a piece on Yahoo! Travel. Apparently Thrillist put in the legwork and called tourism offices in all 50 states and the District of Columbia to document the oldest bars in each location.

We highly recommend checking it out.

Even though the White Horse Tavern gets the ultimate bragging rights, there are 50 other historical watering holes deserving of our attention.

rockwell 6s razor

Rockwell 6S Razor Takes The Price Shock Out Of Shaving

The Rockwell 6S Razor, now available on Kickstarter, takes the expensive costs out of shaving with a safety razor that uses double-edged razors instead of cartridges. Each 6S comes with three “flippable” heads that give you six different sizes, so you can have the perfect shave regardless of facial type.

Probably the most attractive thing about the razor, though, are the costs. You buy it for a one-time fee of $50, and from there, you need only buy replacement blades about five times per year at $2 a pop. Altogether, you could shave for $62 your entire first year and $10 per year thereafter. Compare that to the cartridge system, and you’re talking a recurring cost of around $200 per year just to stay stocked. No comparison. Get yours now by clicking our Buy button. The campaign still has 14 days to go.