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donut cheesesteak

Meet PYT’s Donut Cheesesteak Burger

It’s kind of unusual for us to give restaurant menu items a lead slot here at inStash, but when your burger is a cheesesteak draped atop one half of a donut and then covered with the other half, you’ve got our attention. This coronary waiting to happen comes from Philadelphia’s own PYT restaurant, which is renowned for its off-the-wall menu selection. However, even the owner admits this one goes to the extreme and that it should only be “eaten in moderation.”

As for the specs:

“The Donut Cheesesteak Burger consists of a glazed donut split in half and grilled,” he explains. “Next, the beef patty is added and topped with cheddar. Then add the Philly cheesesteak — a ‘Whiz Wit’ — topped with cheese whiz and fried onions.”

charge ninja

Charge Ninja: A Credit Card-Sized Charger For All Apple Devices

The Charge Ninja is yet another ingenious contraption that has been developed to keep you from ever running out of juice. While this particular gadget doesn’t have the capacity of some competitors — it can only charge to about 85 percent — it’s way more portable and can be recharged via car cigarette lighter, wall outlet, or computer. (And last we checked, 85 percent would get you to where you’re going just fine.)

Best of all, it’s ultra light and portable, being around the same exact size as a credit card. You can get yours now through Indiegogo for a special price of $29 (black, white, or blue).


SWASH Express Clothing Care System

Have you ever felt like wearing the same shirt two days in a row just to see if anyone else would notice? We have! And sometimes they do notice, big-time. Fortunately, SWASH has created an item that will change this forever. With the SWASH Express Clothing Care System, you can get multiple wears out of a shirt with a system that takes about 10 minutes to implement.

The SWASH system, an all-in-one, in-home, convenient clothing care system, has elements of a clothes steamer and an iron. Designed to fit in your life, you can put the SWASH system almost anywhere, like your bedroom or closet. It uses a standard wall outlet, so all you have to do is plug it in and start living life unhampered.

The only downside is the $499 price tag, but you’ll make that up in a hurry if you frequently use the dry cleaner. Order now by clicking the Buy button.


SpekPack: A Better Way To Attend Events

Tailgating or going to an outdoor event of some kind but not looking forward to lugging all your stuff from the car to your campout spot? Never fear, SpekPack has your back. This carrier has slots for your lawn chairs and oversized umbrella as well as heavy-duty zippered compartments and mesh netting to carry everything important to you. Additionally, there is a shoulder strap and two wheels for rolling on any type of terrain.

The only downside guys, is that if the ladies are keeping you around for strength, they pretty much don’t need you any more. The SpekPack ships in February and can be yours today for around $149.

packed pixels

Packed Pixels Gives Your Laptop A Second Mobile Monitor

Packed Pixels has launched a new Kickstarter campaign for the mobile office enthusiast, and personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on one. The dual monitor setup was one of those head-scratching things that I didn’t understand fully until I actually had one. After tacking it on to my laptop, my productivity exploded, but the problem was that I couldn’t take the monitor with me when I wanted to work at a coffee shop or library.

With Packed Pixels, you simply plug it in to the side of your laptop via USB to microUSB cable, and bam, extended desktop wherever you are! The display has a screen size of 9.7 inches, so it’s almost the size of the iPad, but instead of being a separate device and a closed environment, it perfectly recreates the dual monitor for Windows, Linux, and OS X systems.

far western

Far Western: The Evolution Of Country Music In Japan

It’s rare that you catch me getting excited about a documentary, but it’s a tad hard to watch the Kickstarter video for Far Western, and not get a big smile on your face, especially when you love country music. (We’re talking about the real stuff — Merle, Waylon, Willie, Kris, Hank, et al.; not that processed Tim McGraw crap.)

Justin Payne, a young filmmaker out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, has done thorough research on this project, filming the small but fanatical Japanese movement to bring bluegrass and traditional country to the East, and his efforts require one more trip before the film can be completed. That’s why you need to throw a few bucks his way.

But first, check out the KS video below, and then click our BUY button to read over the donation tiers and incentives.


Peachtree Audio Unleashes Deepblue2, The Ultimate Bluetooth Speaker

We realize there are a lot of home audio products vying for your attention these days, but that’s only because the tech is getting smoother, more portable, more convenient, and let’s not forget powerful! With deepblue2, you’ll enjoy all these attributes in a package that purports to be the ultimate Bluetooth speaker unit.

The makers feel comfortable in that claim because of the 440-watt aptX® acoustic suspension and massive 6.5-inch woofer. Peachtree Audio has essentially produced the only small wireless speaker with the full range sound of large speakers, and you can make one of them yours right now for just $299.


Ritot: The First Ever Projection Watch

Ritot is a cool swerve on the traditional wristwatch, possessing a modern edge that is both stylish and more convenient than working out how late it is based on minute-, hour-, and second-hands. With Ritot, you place the band around your wrist, like you would with a normal watch. However, instead of looking at the face for what time it is, you can just see it for yourself right on the back of your hand, thanks to the internal projection system.

But that’s not all Ritot does. It also helps you to stay on top of things with vibrating notifications, messages and alerts. To dismiss, simply give your wrist a shake. Other functions include incoming caller ID, text messaging, reminders, emails, calendar alerts, Facebook messages, Twitter activity, weather alerts, silent vibrating alarm and timer, and notifications from a variety of other apps. Get yours now through Indiegogo for just $120.