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X1 Schiller Bike: Engineered For The Water

The X1 Schiller Bike is for you cycling enthusiasts who just can’t seem to leave your love for two wheels on the shore. Engineered for the water, this unique watercraft delivers the thrill of cycling on the open water. It is the world’s most innovative water bike ever created.

Featuring a proprietary multi-speed drive train, twin-propeller design and rugged, dual chamber pontoons, the X1 is designed to deliver a fast, exhilarating, and safe ride. Clean, sustainable and human-powered, it’s easy to assemble, transport and store in compact spaces, and it’s designed, engineered and assembled in the good old U.S. Of A.

You can build your own at the official website. There are six different color options and four sizes. The whole thing can be yours for $6,495.


TAKUMI: The First Length-Adjustable Pen!

When it comes to writing utensils, size definitely matters! But why should the pens that you buy lack in such diversity that your hand and wrist have to be a certain size to use effectively? No longer! TAKUMI is the first length-adjustable pen.

This key feature means TAKUMI can fit every hand that picks it up. It also adjusts for writing position and usage – from note-taking to manuscripts; technical drawing to sketching and shading; and all other uses you can think of. The mechanical design of the pen is modular, allowing you to interchange parts and adjust the head length to suit your individual needs. Click our Buy button to make a donation of $45 and secure your own.



Meet Loop, The Hanging iPad Case

The day I brought home my iPad Air, it was like bringing home a new puppy or child. One that doesn’t cry, whine, and annoy you, of course. But I quickly found out, one chipped corner later, that it’s not enough to have the tablet itself. You have to have something that protects it without hindering functionality. This brings me to Loop, the first tablet case that you can hang anywhere, anytime, while protecting your iPad and giving you the angle adjustability you need.

Use it on a car headrest, the airplane seat in front of you, and the kitchen counter (for recipes). Other uses include the following: hang on wall in the living room, workshop to watch “how to” video, nursery for kids to watch movie/listen to music. You can also hang Loop on your cubical wall at work to display family pictures, have Skype meetings, edit your calendar, etc.

You can make the Loop yours today for just $59 via Kickstarter. Just click our Buy button to get started.


QuarterWave Layered Bluetooth Speaker

The team at Smartwood Acoustics are back with a hot new Bluetooth speaker, layered in construction and conveniently designed for the best possible sound and aesthetic. What makes the QuarterWave so unique is that it’s a handcrafted Bluetooth speaker system which implements an acoustic transmission line enclosure designed to produce full-range quality sound.

The QuarterWave is designed with the goal to provide music listeners with simple audio solution that looks and sounds brilliant.

Clean lines, gorgeous grains and beautiful stains give each QuarterWave a unique and unmistakable classy appearance. Each QuarterWave starts from quality wood which is precisely cut using a computer numerical controlled router to produce each of the unique layers. Once the layers are assembled and all necessary driver and equipment openings are cut, the enclosure is prepared, cleaned and finished to provide long lasting protection while further enhancing the wood grain.

Get yours via Kickstarter today for just $199. Click the Buy button for more info and more incentives.

food jugs

Keep Your Grub Hot With Industrial Revolution Food Jugs

Industrial Revolution’s Food Jugs come in three different sizes (prices from $28 to $33), and are perfect additions to your selection of camping gear. Featuring double-walled construction with high-quality stainless steel, each one has a silver-coated inner body for superior insulation and heat preservation. Each food jug has a push button for pressure release and the lid serves as a bowl. Also, and in our opinion this is a must nowadays, it’s BPA-free. (Why take chances, right?) 

You can order these from the company website in three different sizes: 500mL ($28), 750mL ($30), and 1,000mL ($33). As good as it gets when it comes to vacuum-sealed containers.


Music Lovers, Meet The Self-Contained Hootenanny

The Self-Contained Hootenanny is an autonomous mechanical band using 17 instruments built into the cabinet to generate a verifiable rock party. Contained within a handcrafted oak cabinet, the instruments are played by a system of precisely calibrated pneumatics that strum and pluck strings while thumping and tapping drums.

The machine stores 13,000 MIDI, MP3, and Karaoke songs that are selected using a 15-inch touchscreen interface, allowing the operator to choose from 10 music categories, including rock, big band, blues, bluegrass, jazz, children’s songs, and more.

Its rhythm section relies on a bass and snare drum, augmented by 12 auxiliary percussion instruments, including bongos, agogos, woodblocks, tambourine, maracas, cowbell, and a ride, crash, and splash cymbal. Supported by a bass synthesizer that adds plenty of bottom for each tune, a full-size guitar and banjo provide the melody and harmony for classics such as “A Hard Day’s Night” and “99 Red Balloons.”

anytime ale

Anytime Ale 99-Pack: Finally, A Multipack We Can Embrace!

Anytime Ale has released a limited edition 99-pack of beer that should keep you happy for about a week or so. Only thing is, they’re available in select locations throughout the U.S., and you’ll have to follow Anytime Ale online to know where you’ll find one. (No problem there.)

As for the price on these babies, they are (appropriately enough) $99. If you should find yourself close to a carrier, make sure you share it on Twitter or “the Facebook,” as my mom would say, using the hashtag #AnytimeAle. And if you must tote this thing home, make sure you’re prepared. One 99-pack is as heavy as it looks (around 82 pounds), so as the company says, “Lift with your legs, not your back. In fact, why don’t you bring a friend.”


Carvers 7-In-1 High-End Sunglasses Now Available

Carvers 7-in-1 Sunglasses are cool because they’re made in the same way and of the same materials as most high-end sunglasses, but they’re interchangeable, so buying the glasses and all the lenses is like getting an $800 or $1,000 value for $105. That’s how much it costs for the whole set if you plan on buying them via Indiegogo during the crowd-funding campaign.

Hand-carved from cellulose acetate, infused with stainless steel, and boasting the polycarbonate interchangeable lenses in seven colors, this is by far the best value you’ll find on the sunglasses market today. If you’d just like one pair with one set of lenses, that’ll run you $39. Cheap in price, high on quality, get yours today by clicking our Buy button.