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sammy slimming hoodie

Sammy Slimming Trendy Hoodies For Men

Feel like you’ve got a little too much in the midsection? A lot can be done just with the shirt that you wear. Sammy Dress understands this and has developed a line of slimming trendy hoodies for men that pop off the screen. Made from cashmere and cotton and available in four sizes — Medium, Large, XL, and 2XL — these hoodies are warm enough to give you the winter coverage you need without allowing your paunch to hang out.

If you are curious about sizes, these follow the Asian model and run small. For a look at the measuring chart, follow the link here or click the green button.

art of eating through the zombie apocalypse

The Art Of Eating Through The Zombie Apocalypse: A Cookbook And Culinary Survival Guide

Well, we’re seeing more Ebola virus stories in the U.S. every week, so it only follows that books about the zombie apocalypse will gain popularity. One of the most vital books to your survival, should a zombie apocalypse actually happen? The Art of Eating Through the Zombie Apocalypse! After all, your stomach doesn’t know there’s an outbreak, and if you want to survive, it’s best to keep the meals coming.

The Art of Eating through the Zombie Apocalypse is a cookbook and culinary field guide for the busy zpoc survivor. With more than 80 recipes (from Overnight of the Living Dead French Toast and It’s Not Easy Growing Greens Salad to Down & Out Sauerkraut, Honey & Blackberry Mead, and Twinkie Trifle), scads of gastronomic survival tips, and dozens of diagrams and illustrations that help you scavenge, forage, and improvise your way to an artful post-apocalypse meal. The Art of Eating is the ideal handbook for efficient food sourcing and inventive meal preparation in the event of an undead uprising.


WildCat: A 16 Mile-Per-Hour Robot That Moves Like A Horse

WildCat is a four-legged robot currently in development with the intent of having it run fast on all types of surfaces and terrains.. So far, WildCat has run at about 16 miles per hour on flat terrain using bounding and galloping gaits. The video (see below) shows WildCat’s best performance so far. The robot is being developed by Boston Dynamics with funding from DARPA’s M3 program.

This two-minute clip is quite awesome as the WildCat does some pretty advanced, humanlike movements such as galloping and bounding. It sounds and looks a bit wasp-like, so not sure how crazy I am about that but it’s still a fine achievement. If you want one of your own, though, don’t hold your breath.

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google play roku

Google Play Is Now On Roku

If Google wanted to steal the keys of the entertainment kingdom from Apple, they may have just done it by deciding to give Roku users access to the entirety of the online store. For those of us who own a Roku but primarily use Apple, this could be the tipping point for choosing Google over iTunes for all entertainment purposes.

It’s slightly unusual that Google would make such a decision considering that it sells its own streaming device in the Chromecast. But the philosophy is pretty sound — if you give more people access to your things, then you will have more customers. If you want to add Google Play to your Roku streaming device, it is now available from the Channel Store. Here is more information from the official blog post.

signature touch

Signature Touch By Vertu: How Does An $11K Phone Sound?

Signature Touch by Vertu isn’t a phone designed for people like me. It is close to $11,000 of mobile phone overreach with a gorgeous sapphire display, a 13MP main camera (2.1MP front-facing), 64GB of internal memory, and its very own personal concierge service. Just what does said service do? You name it. With the push of a button you can access an expert to help you buy the perfect gift or enjoy the events and experiences that 99 percent of us would be arrested for even venturing near.

Signature Touch operates on the latest and greatest Android OS (KitKat 4.4) and runs on a fierce Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 2.3 GHz Quad-core processor. Good luck getting one. If you can pull it off, at least have the decency not to rub it in.


Popcorn Ball: Finally, A Way To Butter Every Piece!

The Popcorn Ball is an innovative new product that promises to get the best distribution of butter and seasonings with very little effort. By taking America’s favorite snack out of the bag and placing it in a round container that fits nicely in your hands, the device allows you to add your seasonings, add your popcorn, then twirl. Perfect, even distribution every time!

This is particularly welcome to us self-sacrificing husbands, who always let their wives skim from the top when getting ready to watch a movie at home. I know by the time I get to what’s left, it’s considerably less buttery. Well, no more friends! You can make Popcorn Ball a reality by donating to the Kickstarter campaign, which is ongoing for the next 30 days. Right now a $16 donation will do the trick. Just click the green button to move forward.


Gentleman Scholar Wins Halloween With Hilarious Skeleton Video

Gentleman Scholar is a production company that started in 2010 and worked in relative obscurity until now. The reason you will soon know the name? They’ve created the best viral Halloween video of them all. The Trials and Tribulations of Being a Skeleton! And let me tell you something, folks. It’s not easy being a skeleton.

Here we get to experience all of those tribulations — from first date awkwardness to sports to going to bed at night. Nothing is easy for the skeleton, but it’ll sure make your workday easier, so there’s that. While GS isn’t selling anything more than its services at this point, they are taking collaborators, so if you have an idea, they can make it happen.


microsoft band

Microsoft Band: Yep, Another Fitness Wearable

Apple and Android seemingly have the market covered on wrist wearables that encourage you to live a healthier lifestyle while connecting you to friends and family. This is unacceptable to Microsoft so the company has unleashed its contribution to the market — Microsoft Band. Band will track your heart rate and your UV exposure. It features 10 sensors in all and delivers your emails and texts to you like a smart band should.

You can use it to pay for things and it even plays nice with iOS and Android though the Windows Phone will be a necessity if you’re hoping for something that works with voice activation. Interesting new world we’re living in. Be a part of it by clicking the Buy button and getting a Microsoft Band on order today.