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Bacardi Asks: What Would You Give To Be There For The World Cup Final?

What would you sacrifice to experience the final match of the World Cup with the world’s most untamable fans? Bacardi recently posed that question to drinkers of their fine rum and received a number of interesting responses:

Sneaker collection
Shaving for a year
Autographed Landon Donovan jersey
Snowboard and gear
My apartment
Golf for a year
My first drum set
26 snapbacks
55-inch flatscreen television
Tacos for a year
Karate black belt
Video games
San Diego Chargers season tickets
$20,000 comic book collection
My apartment
One of my kidneys

All interesting responses, and we’re not sure they’d go over too well with whomever these people share their lives. Nevertheless, fun stuff. Now it’s your turn. Head over to the website and make your offer. You could end up watching the finish in a country that is participating in the final match.

dv8 sports

DV8 Sports Gives You A Better Way To Carry Your Golf Clubs

Why should you have to be handicapped by the car you drive or your motorcycle or public transportation just because you simply want to hit the driving range to take a few swings at some Titleists? Well, now none of that matters. No matter what mode of travel you’re using, DV8 Sports has you covered with their new Golf Without Obstacles system.

Here’s how it works. You carry one shaft and your choice of 14 different heads, all brought together by a quick-change coupler, patented and specially designed for quick change-outs. It is, in short, an easier way to golf on the go, and it can be yours via Kickstarter over the next 27 days. The bag, shaft and driver can be yours for $170. Prices head north from there.

pocket reel

Pocket Reel: Say Goodbye To Pole And Tackle Box

Got a friend or child who has always been intimidated by the mechanics of fishing? Want to do these folks a favor and show them how easy and relaxing it can be? Consider picking up a Pocket Reel from creator Josh Perlmutter. The Wisconsin-based inventor and outdoorsman has effectively eliminated the need for a traditional pole and tackle box. How’d he do it?

Well, inside the kit, you’ll find everything you need to fish: hooks and sinkers, bait, a bobber, two lures, and several feet of extra fishing line. You can get yours now through Kickstarter for the price of $15. 

water hoverboard

The Water Hoverboard: No Summer Is Complete Without It

Sixteen is the magic number. With the Water Hoverboard, you can zip across the water at 16 miles per hour and scale 16 feet off the surface of the deep, all thanks to a jet attached to the rear. True, it’s kind of cheating when compared to what we envisioned in Back to the Future Part II, but as long as we’re flying high, who cares?

The pricing on this starts at around $2,675 — that’s for the hoverboard standalone. For $5,850, you get the complete kit, and for the combined price of $8,325, you can go all out, nabbing the flyboard/hoverboard bundle. For more info, or to order for yourself, just click the green BUY button.


Mira By BRAVEN: It’s Portable, It’s Bluetooth, And It Rocks

Wherever you are, you can play your music with the ultra-portable Mira by BRAVEN. This Bluetooth speaker is lightweight and compact, and can be easily moved from room to room. It features a unique built-in multi-purpose hook to easily stand or hang the device.

Control volume, change tracks and power on or off using its frontal controls and splash away with its IPX5 water-resistant rating. Download the free Mira App to stream, create unique playlists and control your speaker. With 10 hours of wireless Bluetooth audio, its versatility and design make it one of the ultimate home audio speakers on the market today.

xwing knife block

Attention Rebels! Star Wars X-Wing Knife Block Blasts Off This August

Attention, all Chefs of the Galaxy, the time has come to prepare for the release of Star Wars Episode VII in the only way that makes sense — by purchasing a Star Wars X-Wing Knife Block from The Fowndry. The set includes five stainless steel knives — a cook’s knife, bread knife, carving knife, utility knife, and paring knife — all hanging from a replica X-wing block.

Chrome finished and standing over 20cm high, the X-Wing Knife Block raises the status of the humble knife holder, whether you’re an Aunt Beru or cooking for the Emperor himself. Pre-order now for $119, and get yours in August. (Plenty of time to celebrate that return to a galaxy far, far away.)


CreepyDOL: Yay, More Spy Stuff To Freak You Out!

Well, guys, by now you should know better than to expect privacy from this ol’ world. That cat is out of the bag, and she isn’t going back in. Doubling down on all the out-of-control spy stuff, is the CreepyDOL, or Creepy Digital Object Locator, which earns its name as a distributed tracking system that uses low-cost hardware sensors, a robust communications system, and simple observation to give near-real-time identification of humans and tracking capabilities to anyone, reports

The goal: to develop hardware and software for passive surveillance of WiFi data and draw inferences regarding human behavior from the info. Hardware costs are estimated at $57, and consist of “a Raspberry-Pi, two USB WiFi chips (Ralink RT5370, which supports monitor mode, Master AP mode, and injection while being small enough for maximum portability).

On a positive note, maybe this means we’ll get to start watching the watchers.

kangaroo cups

Kangaroo Cups: A True No-Spill Drinking Vessel

Kangaroo Cups aren’t usually the kind of thing you’d see on inStash. After all, they were invented by an 11-year-old female entrepreneur, and here we are a site about guys! However, a great invention is a great invention. Lily Born is the creator of these tri-handled drinking vessels, and she created them as a response to help her grandpa, who has Parkinson’s Disease.

The Kangaroo Cup offers undeniable support, whether you have a disability or you’re just really clumsy around the house. They also look pretty snazzy, eliminate the need for a coaster, and stay steady on uneven ground. You can pick up a four-pack of these via the Kickstarter campaign for just $25. Lily and her dad Joe have already obliterated the $25,000 funding goal to get these things manufactured, so you shouldn’t have any issues receiving product.