Sweet Gypsum, the ARAC ZXS Motorcycle Concept from designer Marko Petrovic makes me wish that I’d learned how to ride a bicycle in my early years. But alas, it looks like I’ll just have to leave this one to you guys. So while I’m balancing my Schwinn Cruiser on a set of grown-up training wheels, the rest of you men can ride in style once this concept becomes a reality.

The ARAC ZXS boasts a heaviness where it counts – in its crushing fuel-injected twin-v motor, which itself is locked in to an ultra-lightweight aluminum chassis. The design is sleek and futuristic like it was hijacked from the set of a Tron sequel. But this isn’t meant to be a prop, kids. It’s meant to be lean, mean, and fast on its feet, with design elements that aim for a “two-toned metal skin” visual. On that note, it shoots and scores. Now how about we get cracking on this, Manufacturing Industry?