This one’s for all of you gentlemen that have more money than God himself and can afford to spend absolutely crazy shitloads on products that could otherwise be had on the cheap. Or for those who simply daydream about ridiculously overpriced goods. Whatever.

This is the 64-Gig Apophis USB drive by Polish design house Zana Design – because with a price like this, it damn well should boast a fancy name. Anyhow, it’s not the amount of memory this svelte little gadget has, it’s what it is made of: Silver, gold, exotic wood, and a chunk of an actual 4billion-year old meteorite. So, maybe the price seems a bit more justified. Or maybe not. It comes in ‘silver’ for a ‘mere’ $1,130, or you can pick up the Bugatti-of-all flash drives, the ‘gold’, for $1,990.

In case you’re wondering where the name ‘Apophis’ came from, it refers to an asteroid that had a slim chance of smashing into Earth back in 2009. How appropriately named!