Ever try to infuse your liquor with another flavor? Whether or not you have you should know that it can be a time-consuming process. Well, at least it has been until the debut of the Alchemix Liquor Infuser. What used to be a half-day process has now been reduced to just two minutes flat!

So how does it work? The Alchemix Liquor Infuser uses a combination of pressure and Nitrous Oxide in order to impart whatever flavor your ingredients bring to the table. That’s not all, though, the device itself has a built-in strainer for added convenience, and makes enough liquor for four cocktails at once. As you’d expect from a device that’s been inspired by Keurig machines, it even uses standard cartridges, making it doubles as a tool for instantly carbonating liquors and pre-made cocktails.

Want to find out more about what makes the Alchemix Liquor Infuser the life of the party? Make sure you check out the official homepage linked below.

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