Soothe Any Pain With Quell

Are you an athlete? Maybe you just suffer from occasional joint or muscle pain? Whatever the case, you’ve got a friend in Quell. Quell is the world’s first wearable clinically proven pain relief device. At just the push of a button, Quell can help relieve pain in just 15 minutes. The technology behind the device works by stimulating your nervous system and blocking pain signals to your brain.


Quell has a slim profile and is lightweight enough that you can wear it under your clothes while doing other things around the house or in the garden. Having trouble sleeping? Quell can be used 24 hours a day including while you’re asleep. The device is actually smart enough to track your sleep quality and adjust itself so that you can sleep soundly. Quell is FDA approved and safe. What are you waiting for? Start relieving your pain by using your body’s own nervous system and without resorting to medication!