Belty Will Keep Your Belt From Becoming Too Tight After That Huge Meal

You know what we’ve all been missing in our lives? A motorized belt of course! If you’ve ever sat down and eaten way too much for your stomach to handle and have to untie your belt in order to get comfortable, then you know there’s a place for Belty in your gadget arsenal.


Belty is a belt buckle which is able to measure steps and acts as your virtual coach, much like other fitness trackers. What makes this device different is that it can actually alert you when you’ve been sedentary for too long and it can also let you know when your waist changes size. The killer feature of this device is it’s automatic belt tightening feature which allows Belty to keep you ultra-comfortable at all times. Emiota, the team behind Belty, is currently aiming at a Q4 2015 release. There’s no word on pricing and availability right now, but you can probably expect to hear more about this CES 2015 Innovation Awards Honoree in the coming months.