Xbox One Gets Its Own Chatpad

Remember the chatpad? The accessory made it possible to have text-only communication on Xbox Live way back in the heyday of the 360. Well, it’s back. Microsoft just announced that it’s bringing the chatpad to the Xbox One in November with pre-orders for the peripheral beginning today. 

ChatpadThe chatpad will feature a number row up top, a QWERTY/AZERTY/QWERTZ layout depending on which region you’re purchasing the peripheral in, two programmable keys (which can be set to quickly access specific dashboard features), and an audio jack (just like the original chatpad for the Xbox 360). 

In terms of design, the Xbox One chatpad pretty much looks the same as its predecessor and functions much the same way, by fitting between the gap on your controller. 

There aren’t any precise shipping details available just yet although we’re certain we’ll hear more as Gamescom continues. At least we know that the age of mic-only communication will soon come to an end.