Razer Nabu Watch Is A Smartwatch For Gamers

Ceci n’est pas une smartwatch – this is not a smartwatch. At least, that’s what noted gaming peripheral manufacturer Razer would have you believe. Their newest Razer Nabu Watch is a “watch with smart features” including the ability to sync notifications and track fitness metrics. While this makes it a smartwatch in our book, the company was adamant about not calling it as such at last week’s CES.


While we’re not sure why Razer wants to step away from that definition, one thing is obvious: this watch is impressive. Unlike most “watches with smart features” out there, the Nabu is actually able to claim a battery life which lasts months and not just days. As with anything Razer, there’s a certain “gamer” aesthetic which has been applied to the product making this watch both minimalistic as well as a gaming status symbol of sorts.

The Nabu Watch is going on sale this month for $149.99 (or $199.99 for the Forged edition, which features absolutely gorgeous stainless steel buttons).