Adam Jensen Returns In Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

If E3 had a subtitle then this year’s should surely be called “Return of the 90s franchises”. Final Fantasy VII is getting a remake, Shenmue 3 is looking like it’ll be turning, and Deus Ex is getting yet another sequel. Now we know you’re thinking that Deus Ex never really died but you have to admit that the original game really embodies 90s tropes and thinking like no other.

Deus Ex

Like 2011’s Human Revolution before it, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided tries to frame the important socio-technological issues that the original game dealt with in a more pertinent and modern context. The game’s protagonist, Adam Jensen, is now no longer working for Sarif Industries and instead finds himself on the receiving end of growing anti-cyborg sentiment. The game is slated to come out sometime early next year on a variety of platforms. Pricing will probably be $59.99 like most other triple-A game releases nowadays.