The bizarre, sort of “retro futuristic” 1970 Lancia Stratos HF Zero, aka the ‘Zero’, was first introduced at the 1970 Turin Motor Show as a prototype. It was designed by Marcello Gandini to echo a sort of uber-futurism. Furthermore, the Zero prototype (pictured above) was recently restored in 2000 to its full-1970’s ‘futuristic’ glory. 

Specs on the super-odd-looking Zero sports/rally car include:

  • A 115 horsepower v-4 engine (hard to imagine a sportscar with only 115hp these days!)
  • A five-speed manual transmission
  • Front and rear independent suspension with McPherson dampers
  • Double-wishbone rear suspension

Aside from its outwardly Lamborghini-esque aesthetic, two items make the prototype really unique. One is how passengers enter and exit the car—-via the huge geometric windshield, of all places.  Second is the overall design, of course.

The Zero sports a wedge-like shape that’s very reminiscent of the defunct Lamborghini Countach. The front-end, aside from the windshield, boasts a single row of ten small light bulbs (the truncated rear has a whopping 84) and a mesh grille that perfectly compliments the windshield.

The Zero will appear on the auction block May 21, 2011 and is offered by Bertone S.p.S through RM Auctions.