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By Aric Mitchell on February 16, 2013

Have you always dreamed of being as cool as the Hef, and getting the same level of chicks? Well, what we have today isn’t going to turn you into an instant ladies man, but it will certainly make you look the part. Introducing this 1950s Men’s Playboy Smoking Jacket. Comprised of red corduroy on the outside and black satin on the inside, it’s as comfortable as it is fashionable.

Unfortunately, the women, mansion, fancy cars and publishing empire built around scantily clad models, are not included. We’re just showing this to be available in the XL Size, so our apologies to some of you fellas who aren’t quite to that level, but it’s not like you can wear a smoking jacket out in public anyway. Buy it anyway, or have one tailor-made!

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